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It’s A New Year, Foamers! Tips To Start You And Your Company In The Right Direction And Maintain That Course.

The Spray Foam Advisor’s Keys To Success In The New Year

It’s a new year, foamers! Here are a few tips to start you and your company in the right direction and maintain that course.

By: Robert Naini


Welcome to 2018!

How is your year stacking up? What are you going to accomplish?
Do you know? Have you planned it?

Your attitude and actions are typically the difference between astounding, audacious, ridiculous success, or watching another year pass by with no significant results.

Over the first few months of the new year, many of us will be tested. Our commitment, our determination, and our discipline will be the difference between success and cracking under pressure. I am talking about your “New Year’s Resolutions.” Statistics say that by February about 35 percent of people that made a resolution have already given up and that number will continue to increase over the passing weeks and months.

If you started the year with a New Year’s Resolution, I applaud you for your self-evaluation, desire to become better, and identification of something that you want to change. Now, I recommend a shift in thought process rather than a New Year’s Resolution, I suggest cultivating a habit of setting goals, and one great thing about goals is that you can start anytime, you do not have to wait until next year. If you do not have written goals for 2018, you have to START NOW!

If you have already set your 2018 goals, great. If you had a resolution, that’s a good start, but it needs to go deeper. If you have not set goals
or have not planned for 2018, now is the time to do it.

Most people focus on their business goals, and if you’re a spray foam contractor, you’ll more than likely want to push your business forward this year—obtain more jobs, spray more square feet, and build more relationships that’ll beget growth, but you do not have to limit this to your business. You want to become a better person, have a better family life, and improve your personal finances, right? So plan for it and be intentional. If you are new to goals, start with a few and own them as you gain more experience. Most people can manage a maximum of about six goals at a time.

Think about what you want from your health, family, finances, business, education, personal development, social life, and spirituality. Start with brainstorming and limit yourself to two or three goals in the beginning, so you can stay focused.

Remember to dream BIG. Oftentimes, our dreams have been crushed, we have been told “No” for so long, been pushed down, and told not to look up; so somewhere along the way, we have forgotten how to dream or that we are allowed to dream. A goal is a dream with a deadline. Each of your goals may have a different deadline and you will use your deadline to create a plan of action.

Now it’s time to create your SMARTER Goals, what is going to push you and drive you to success. Start with your dreams, wants, and desires, and transform them into SMARTER Goals by writing
a statement that is:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Realistic
  • Time-bound
  • Enthusiastic
  • Resourced

Write them down, post them around your house, your office, carry a list in your wallet, review them regularly, and read them out loud—every day, every week.

Now that you know the destination and when you want to get there, you need to plan how to get there. Start by breaking your time frame into smaller pieces and determining the necessary actions that need to be accomplished. If you set a goal for the end of the year, break down the necessary actions into monthly goals, then weekly goals, and finally daily actions. Set checkpoints along the way and use these checkpoints to assess your progress and make corrective action to stay on target.

Let’s look at one of my goals as an example.

I am an avid learner and I believe that personal development, training, and education is the only way to consistently improve and get better. I am constantly looking to learn from successful authors and experts in specific focus areas like sales, marketing, business management, real estate, and investing. The best ways that I have found to get access to information from these experts is seminars, conventions, videos, audio programs, and books.

By engaging with experts in this way, I have access to their experience, successes, and failures. I can learn from them and avoid their mistakes. Personal development and studying others gives us the opportunity to stand on the shoulders of the giants that have come before us and see farther than we can on our own. As such, personal development is one of my primary focuses each year.

My Goal: Read 15 personal/professional development books by December 31, 2018.

Let’s check this goal against the SMARTER criteria.

•  Is it specific? Yes, it focuses on taking a specific action – reading books.

•  Is it measurable? Yes, there is a firm number, I either read 15 books or I do not.

•  Is it attainable? Yes, I can read, and this is a little more than 1 book a month; I can do this.

•  Is it realistic? Yes, I enjoy learning and developing my skills, and this goal makes it intentional.

•  Is it time-bound? Yes, the date is the deadline.

•  Is it enthusiastic? Yes, consider that a college text book might be 700-800 pages, reading 3,750 pages would be equivalent to reading about five college text books on a specific topic.

•  Is it resourced? Yes, I am scheduling time every day to complete the necessary reading and I am maintaining a list of recommended books.

Great, this goal meets the SMARTER criteria. Now I need a plan to achieve this.

I start by making an assumption that there are about 250 pages in the average book, which means I plan to read 3,750 pages this year. With 12 months in the year, to meet this goal, I need to read 312.5 pages per month or approximately 10.5 pages per day.

Now it’s your turn. Start with your dreams, wants and desires. Create your SMARTER Goals and develop a plan with checkpoints to keep yourself on track. If you do this, you will be surprised at what you can accomplish.

Here are three steps that will guide you to success in the new year:

  1. Set Your Goals
  2. Create Your Plan
  3. Execute, Execute, Execute

So what are you waiting for? How have you prepared for this year? Have you set goals? Have you written them down?


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