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SWD Urethane launches Quik-Shiled 108 open-cell spray polyurethane foam

Open-Cell Game Changer: A New Innovative Ultra-Low Density Open-Cell Spray Foam Technology Provides Increased Productivity at a Lower Cost



Open-cell spray polyurethane foam is known for being a half-pound density insulating material that can provide optimal, seamless insulation and reduce air infiltration through a building envelope. Because of its low density and large cell structure, open-cell SPF imparts many advantages, including providing an air barrier, good R-value, but most importantly, high product yield.

Lower density equates to greater yield. This means that half-pound open-cell SPF typically provides four times more board feet than the denser two-pound closed-cell foam products. Up until now, 0.5 pound per cubic foot density has been the benchmark of highest yield spray foam products. However, companies, such as SWD Urethane, that work day in and day out to advance the goal of formulating a better type of foam do end up improving it. SWD Urethane has had a major breakthrough with their newly released Quik-Shield 108 open-cell SPF product.

Quik-Shield 108 is the first foam on the market to achieve an Ultra-Low Density, with a 0.4 pcf nominal density. Because of its lower density, Quik-Shield 108 yields 25 percent more than the average half-pound foam, giving it a tremendous advantage when bidding a project.

“With greater yield, Quik-Shield 108 essentially gives contractors significantly more product every time they are spraying a set of foam. Before Quik-Shield 108, 0.4 density was unheard of, but now we’re able to provide contractors with more yield than they ever thought possible,” says SWD Urethane’s President Jim Perkins. “We have also spent the resources getting Quik-Shield 108 approved for use in unvented attics without the need for an additional ignition barrier. By eliminating the ignition barrier and providing the highest product yields, we can save contractors a tremendous amount of money. Ultimately Quik-Shield 108 will allow our customers to be a lot more competitive and win more contracts.”

Sometimes lower density can mean less R-value in spray foam, but Quik-Shield 108 was formulated to maintain the same R-value that a half-pound spray foam provides. The product has been thoroughly tested and is code compliant, measuring at an R-value of 3.6 per inch, or a value of R-13 in a two-by-four stud cavity.


The unique properties of Quik-Shield 108 also eliminate many issues common in typical half-pound foams. Most open-cell foams only expand outward from the surface to which they are sprayed. Due to this, spray foam applicators find themselves having to perform time-consuming application techniques in order to get an ideal air seal. Fully wetting the studs, picture-frame application, or having to do excessive touchup work were the traditional fixes to mitigate open-cell application issues. Furthermore, some traditional foam products have cohesion problems where touch-up work has problems adhering to the initial application foam layer. All of this adds up to require additional training to perfect the applicator’s spraying skills.

The Quik-Shield 108 eliminates or reduces the need for traditional, time-consuming techniques and enables an applicator to fill a wall cavity in a single, zipping motion. By way of its revolutionary expansion technology and heavy-duty adhesion, the foam flows out to the sides of the studs and rises for a flush, 360˚-degree cavity fill. With Quik-Shield 108, applicators of any experience level can now get a professional-looking application. The product’s accelerated expansion reduces voids and mitigates the need for touch-ups or for applicators to master complicated SPF installation techniques. This increases job efficiency and improves productivity by up to 20 percent.

“You’ve never seen foam do anything like this before,” says Perkins. “We have coined the term ‘zipping’ to describe what the foam does. In a single motion, the applicator installs the foam right up the middle and it fills the cavity. It’s like taking a zipper and zipping the wall cavity shut, if you will. Fewer touch-ups make Quik-Shield 108 the easiest product to train new sprayers on, plus it significantly reduces applicator fatigue. It’s a no-brainer.”


In order to properly apply foam, applicators usually have to place themselves within 18 to 24 inches from the substrate – in all the areas of the jobsite. This means climbing up on ladders, lifts, or scaffolding to access tough angles and higher areas such as pitched-roof undersides. By constructing scaffolding or moving ladders and lifts around a jobsite, contractors lose time that could be used to progress the SPF application. Not only that, there are applicators that sometimes put themselves at risk by standing on roof rafters in order to spray the underside of the roof. What if these downtime and safety issues could be reduced for the benefit of contractors?

This was successfully achieved with Quik-Shield 108 via one of their most distinguishable features: The capability of long-range application. Quik-Shield 108 can actually be sprayed in an eight-inch lift from 15 feet away, making the application to a roof deck or a higher area of a stud wall easier than ever. Because of the foam’s revolutionary adhesion, not only does it not drip or fall out the cavity, it also has full backboard adhesion. The long-range application provides a safer jobsite environment for the contractor, not to mention being able to move through the application at a rapid pace.

“The applicator can actually apply the foam to the underside of a high pitch roof while standing at ground level, without losing yield or density – no other foam out there can do that,” says Perkins. “So far, the response from spray contractors in both near and far applications has been phenomenal. ”


In-house engineering of polyols and other breakthrough ideas lead to this revolutionary change in open-cell technology. SWD Urethane’s unique formulation of Quik-Shield 108 open-cell SPF has created yet another stepping stone for the growing spray foam industry, one that can hopefully bridge the price gap between spray polyurethane foam and traditional insulation products.

“When you look at the insulation industry, SPF still isn’t the number one product that is used. Since it should be, we are constantly fighting a battle to get it in the hands of homebuilders, many which like to build as cheap as possible. A focus of our company has been to create breakthrough formulations that deliver a lower board foot cost so we can increase our competitiveness against traditional insulation,” says Perkins. “We are anticipating that Quik-Shield 108, which reduces the price of material and labor cost, creates a shift in the industry so that SPF can become the dominant force in the marketplace.”


Direct any questions about Quik-Shield 108 open-cell spray polyurethane foam to SWD Urethane:

Phone: 800-828-1394


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