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Promote Yourself, Promote Success

How promotional offers can bring you the business you’ve been missing out on.

By Juan Sagarbarria

As a spray foam supplier, a little extra business is always welcomed. That is why suppliers often visualize themselves in the shoes of potential customers and try to think like a customer thinks. Within this line, it’s not hard to deduce that the customer is always looking for the best deal possible that does not equate to a lower quality product. So, it is only befitting that a SPF supplier gives their customer exactly what he wants while simultaneously increasing sales.

Promotional offers can be the impetus that tips the balance of the customer’s decision to buy or not to buy, and since spray foam equipment can cost a pretty penny, it is in the best interest of the supplier to furnish consumers with a deal from time to time. However, it’s not all about discounted products. Promotions can also reach consumers via content marketing, which consists of creating relevant, valuable, and keyword-driven content that is used to captivate new customers, as well as retain existing ones. In fact, today’s buyers want to purchase and not be sold and the Internet is the ultimate channel for consumers to conduct research; therefore, promotions can come in many forms, including informational content such as white papers, webinars, and eBooks. There are vast possibilities for bringing attention to a particular SPF product. Be it a heavy-duty proportioner or an air-purge spray gun, a robotic sprayer that will complete SPF roof jobs or a personal protection equipment (PPE) package that includes all the safety gear necessary to attack any type of SPF job, the equipment spectrum is broad and loaded with opportunities to engage the buyer market.

But how do you get these promotional offers out there for the industry to see? Sure, you can advertise it on your own websites or in a classified listing on Craigslist, but the most efficient way seems to revolve around websites like that provide marketing services to suppliers looking to promote certain products. In actuality, dedicates an entire section of their Website exclusively for their members to freely advertise any specific product. But how exactly does this service warrant YOUR membership? How does it effectively engage potential buyers? Let’s run through the list.


A promotional offer usually depicts exactly what the customer is looking for: A great deal at the right price – right now. This is where creativity and empathy meet to forge a successful marketing strategy referred to as a Call to Action (CTA). The purpose of a Call to Action (CTA) is to provoke an immediate response on the customer’s end. The concept reveals that, with the right words, you can successfully reel a customer in, and that is why CTA is so important with promotional offers.

Phrases such as “Take advantage of this limited deal now,” or “Click to get instant access” are common in the CTA world. More importantly, a CTA needs to let the SPF customer know of the incentive therein… i.e: “For a limited time, 50 percent off Graco Fusion AP guns.” When there’s an incentive present, the potential customer will more than likely yield to it. So, a CTA that is placed on a site that is the most frequently visited by members of the spray foam industry makes said incentive that much more attractive, creating even more interest. Moreover, e-mails the supplier, allows advertising members to track click-through rates, and formulate leads to those who clicked on the promotional offer, so that the supplier knows specifically who to target.


Not only do promotional offers boost sales, they can provide the supplier with new customers, which they can retain if product satisfaction is accomplished. Promotional offers provide suppliers with the unique scenario of attracting new customers they more than likely could not bring in through regular brand advertising. Because they are getting a deal as opposed to purchasing an SPF product at full price, customers may impulsively buy one, two, or maybe even three products to meet their needs.

A little known fact about consumers is that they don’t typically want to have to go to several different suppliers websites to see what they have to offer – they want the deals shown to them in one place so that they can see what best fits them, and that is why’s promotional section can be an ideal source for new customers. As a trusted network of the SPF industry, subliminally vouches for the product that the supplier offers. After the purchase, the customer can check the site for another promotion by the supplier, or – and this would be the ideal scenario for the supplier – if the customer is satisfied with his initial purchase via product quality and the supplier’s customer service, he or she might be inclined to buy from that supplier again and again.


In this day and age, online advertising trumps most forms of promotion, and to get ahead of the curve as a spray foam supplier, you have to be at the top of search engine searches. A landing page, which is what automatically generates when a member submits a promotional listing, maximizes search engine optimization (SEO). Because receives constant visits from members of the SPF industry, when a supplier creates a promotional offer listing, SEO is maximized. Which means that search engines like Google create easy access to the landing page by placing it as one of the top search engine returns. Effectively, the landing page becomes a link between and the supplier’s website.

Furthermore, promotes the promotional landing page in their social media platforms. By posting a link to the landing page on social media entities such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, they widen the range of the promotional offer, introducing it to many more sets of eyes of SPF industry members. The effect of the landing page and the exposure provided by social media can certainly cause a stir and bring more customers to the supplier’s door.

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