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Polyurethane Machinery Corporation's AP-EX Spray System allows the spray foam applicator to reach new heights.

Reaching New Heights: PMC’s New Patent-Pending AP-EX Spray System Facilitates The Application of Spray Foam


One thing that is certain about spray foam projects is that each one is different. Whether it is a small- or large-scale insulation or roofing application, varying building sizes and dimensions present hard-to-reach areas that are almost impossible to access without the use of lifts, ladders, platforms, or scaffolding. These difficult-to- reach areas require contractors to add safety equipment to their job inventory and to also ensure that the proper fall protection prevention strategies are implemented. The reason for all this is simple: Traditional, hand-held spray guns offer a limited reach. But what if that reach could be extended? What if there was a way to efficiently increase the progression and productivity of an SPF job without having to get on a ladder or other elevating device? For the first time in the history of SPF installation, spray foam equipment manufacturer Polyurethane Machinery Corporation (PMC) has made that possible.

PMC recently augmented the major design characteristics from their AP-2 spray gun – slated to be the best gun in the spray foam industry – and incorporated them into the AP-EX Spray System, which provides the original superior performance of the AP-2 but with the additional benefits of an extended reach spray system.

“The AP-EX is truly an industry game-changer,” says Dave Penta of SprayWorks Group, an official PMC distributor. “The AP-EX has created a solution that was way overdue in the spray foam industry. Now, SPF contractors can get on and off the jobsite faster and safer. I’m convinced that it will change the way people spray moving forward.”


The AP-EX combines AP-2’s lightweight, easy-to-maneuver, compact design with an advanced pattern development and mixing that allows the applicator to spray close to the substrate with minimal overspray. The AP-EX design has further expanded the distance between the applicator and the substrate, providing the applicator with a reach of 10 feet or more within a given area. The 8 lb. AP-EX use is intended for projects of all sizes – to reach overheads such as the underside of cathedral ceilings or the higher areas of a wall and the edges of a roof surface with ease. The AP-EX also features an adjustable handle and a spray head that can be moved from straight to 45 or 90 degrees to suit the applicator’s individual comfort level. Additionally, the AP-EX can apply numerous types of coatings, as well as open-cell or closed-cell spray polyurethane foam.

“The AP-EX is a testament to PMC’s commitment to its customers,” says Penta. “With the addition of the extension, you get the best gun on the market with an increased level of ease-of-operation. It is lighter than a ladder and safer than stilts. This is a tool that should be in everybody’s spray rig because of the options it provides.”


One of the most important benefits that the AP-EX design brings to the table is reducing the need of having to get on a ladder, use an aerial lift, or build scaffolding to reach certain tough angles. This allows the applicator to move through the job swiftly, without the added concern of fall hazards that come with moving scaffolding or ladders multiple times through the jobsite. In addition to that, the extended system allows the contractor to spray a 10-foot wall without having to bend down to spray the bottom of the stud walls or stretch to reach the top. The AP-EX lends itself with ease to spray rim joists as well.

“From a safety standpoint, the AP-EX eliminates an array of potential problems,” says Penta. “It allows the applicator to safely spray a large area without moving to different parts of the walls, corners, or ceilings with scaffolding or ladders. Contractors are able to spray tricky points like the so-called ‘pitch point’ between the gable and the roof deck and any type of corner with ease. When it comes to roofing, the extension is going to allow contractors to stay away from the edges of the building when spraying; to get into flashing areas without problems; and perform detail work without breaking their backs. In a nutshell, the AP-EX provides a different approach to spraying foam coupled with numerous benefits.”


An additional and equally exclusive benefit of the PMC’s AP-EX Spray Gun System is its ability to get the job done faster than other spray guns on the market. During AP-EX’s patenting stages, PMC performed a real-time field test in which they had two applicators – one with an AP-EX Spray Gun and one with a standard AP-2 Spray Gun – simultaneously spraying individual 10′ high x 8′ wide test walls. The test revealed that the AP-EX gun reduces spray time by 30 percent over a hand-held spray gun. Furthermore, due to the spray head of the AP-EX being farther away from the sprayer at all times during the application, blowback of overspray is virtually non-existent. This keeps the foam on the substrate and not on the lens, respirators, or coveralls.

“There’s no doubt that the AP-EX saves more time on the job; SPF contractors can get through the job faster than ever before and that is huge within itself,” says Penta. “The extension provides the applicator with the ability to get out from underneath his work, meaning he is able to work at a constant pace without overspray on the lens or blocking his view,” says Penta. “Now, the applicator gets more spray foam on the actual pass and less on their respirator mask. This also saves time with having to remove mask covers and replace with new covers multiple times during the day.”

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