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CJ Spray – Spray Foam Equipment & Rig Distributors

Titan Helix LP System

Exclusively for DOW


Premium Foam Insulation

Exclusively from CJ Spray

The most advanced low pressure foam proportioner and delivery system on the market today.

Re-entry to Spray Area in One Hour.

Low Pressure Spray Foam Cart

  • First of its kind pressure control manages heat and pressure to adhere to low pressure directive
  • Designed to operate with Dow’s FROTH-PAK ULTRA Dispensing Gun
  • Unique pressure monitoring system provides consistent low pressure accuracy
  • Adjustable pressure from 40-100 PSI
  • Active Heating System increases material to heat up to 50F expanding the spraying season
  • Round and flat pattern nozzle
  • 55 gallon drums reduce board foot cost

*minimum 10 air exchanges per hour

CJ Spray

CJ Spray - Spray Foam Equipment and Rig Manufacturer and Distributor

Titan Tool

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