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Covestro – Spray Foam Manufacturer

Covestro - Spray Foam Manufacturer

Don’t Compromise

Your customers rely on you for so much more than product alone. Shouldn’t you expect the same from your suppliers?

At Covestro, we don’t just sell foam. We manufacture some of the leading SPF brands – Bayseal, EcoBay and Bayblock – and we help you give your customers the best overall experience possible.

And now, with the most improved product line in the industry, why go anywhere else?


  • The best applicator information programs and support
  • Relentless SPF industry stewardship and advocacy
  • Dedicated customer service
  • Ongoing product innovation
  • Leadership in energy efficiency and sustainability
  • Unwavering commitment to product and applicator health and safety
  • On-site technical expertise
  • Superior product consistency

www.covestro/sprayfoam • 1.800.221.FOAM (3626)

Covestro - Spray Foam Magazine advertiser

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