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Elastochem – Spray Foam Systems

Elastochem - Insulthane Spray Foam Systems


Elastochem is proud to announce its partnership with Bryan Baeumler.

Elastochem’s industry leading Insulthane® Extreme*, the only Canadian Approved Spray Foam System with a GWP of 1, is now the Spray Foam of choice for Bryan on HGTV’s House of Bryan and Leave it to Bryan.

Baeumler Preferred reflects the industry-leading product development undertaken by Elastochem.

Baeumler Approved contractors employ the highest quality standards and consistency to ensure optimum product installation.

1.877.PUR.CHEM | 519.754.1678 |

* Formulated using Honeywell Solstice® Liquid Blowing Agent

Elastochem Specialty Chemcials

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