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Spray Foam Magazine wins two charlie awards

Spray Foam Magazine Wins Charlie Awards

The Publication is Recognized for Digital Reach.

On Friday, September 23, and Spray Foam Magazine Editor-in-Chief, Jen Kramer, and Creative Director, Heather Westrol joined the Florida Magazine Association (FMA) at the Walt Disney World Swan Hotel in Orlando for the 2016 Charlie Conference and Awards. The Conference culminated with the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Charlie Awards recognizing outstanding editorial, design, and photographic achievements in publishing.

Spray Foam Magazine was honored with an award in the category of Digital Excellence; Best App and an award for Best Overall Online Presence.

“To be recognized among the more than 600 entries is an honor in itself, to win is an incredible validation of our team’s hard work and dedication,” says Kramer. “We want to thank the FMA and the judges, but we also want to thank the more than 21,000 readers who subscribe, as well as the 80,000 plus unique visitors to our website. It is our powerful relationship with our audience that makes this all so rewarding.”

Westrol concurs, stating; “We are honored to be recognized for the awards for Digital App and Best Online Presence. It is a real affirmation of our push toward the importance of digital and social reach in today’s market. Our numbers keep climbing – with a reach of over 673,000 in social media impressions alone. We can’t wait to keep growing this aspect of our business.”



Creative Director Heather Westrol (left) and Editor-in-Chief Jen Kramer (right) were honored by a double win at the FMA’s 2016 Charlie Awards.

The judges included 19 editors, writers, designers, and university professors from a variety of states, excluding Florida. They each volunteered their personal time to critique more than 600 entries spanning seven main categories, including the aforementioned Best Overall and Digital Excellence, and 76 sub-categories, including Best App. By using a panel of independent, out-of-state judges, the FMA ensures impartiality and honest judging. This dedication to fairness is in keeping with the man for whom the award is named.

The annual competition was named in honor of beloved University of Florida journalism and communications professor, Charles G. Wellborn, Jr. After being awarded two Purple Hearts and two Bronze Stars for his Army service in World War II and the Korean Conflict, Lt. Col. Wellborn became Professor Wellborn in civilian life. Wellborn helped establish what is today the College of Communications and Journalism at the University of Florida in Gainesville. He also was an instrumental member of the

FMA, winning what was then known as the “Achiever of the Year” award in 1973. The FMA named the award the “Charlie” upon Wellborn’s retirement in 1987.

The FMA’s Charlie Awards represent innovation and growth in publishing – Spray Foam Magazine has always been a noted industry leader because of our commitment to those two concepts: Innovation and growth. Kramer notes, “This recognition of our digital achievements from our publishing peers is especially gratifying. We have worked hard to develop these platforms. Our clients and readers have seen it. Now the publishing industry has too.”

Editorial Development Manager, Tawny Gaines lauds the double win. “It has been so wonderful to have been here for the past few years and watch Spray Foam Magazine grow into what it is today. It has been an honor to work with such a talented team. I certainly look forward to our great future ahead!”

Juan Sagarbarria, Managing Editor, says, “These awards serve as a testament to the consistent growth of Spray Foam Magazine over the last few years. Our ability to bring the industry together via a strong online presence is something we are extremely proud of, and we look to continue on this route and broaden our reach and facilitate success for our clients.”

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