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spray foam insulation and roofing magazine announces the business issue july/august 2013 edition

Spray Foam Magazine Gets Down to Business in Latest Published Issue

JUPITER, FL–July 3, 2013–Spray Foam Insulation & Roofing Magazine (SFIRM) today announces the publishing of The Business Issue. SFIRM’s July/August 2013 edition is now available online and in mobile apps for readers around the globe.

“The Business Issue focuses on circumstances before and after spray foam insulation and roofing applications,” said Ryan Spencer, Editor-in-Chief. “Customer affairs, relationships with suppliers, changing paradigms for SPF equipment–it’s all covered.”

Beyond the business-related articles, the July/August 2013 Issue also features the established spray foam departments like SPF roofing and marketing.

Click above to read the latest issue

Highlights from the July/August 2013 Issue

  • Avoiding pitfalls as an SPF contractor
  • Partnering with a supplier for the long run
  • New options for low-pressure applications
  • The most compact bumper-pull spray rig
  • A unique SPF & aggregate roofing system
  • An innovative, mountable transfer pump
  • The basics of online news content marketing

SFIRM is also proud to announce it has officially passed the 30,000-reader milestone, reached just after the previous issue was published. As of writing, the magazine has an exact readership of 31,352, which is double the readership measured when 2012’s July/August Issue was published.

“We’ve continued to grow the magazine with unique and innovative means,” said Spencer. “These milestones are an encouraging reflection of those efforts.”

Also of note is SFIRM’s recently produced commercial, the announcement of which was featured in Times Square. The commercial highlights the magazine’s reading experience on tablet devices, and it’s availability as a free download on Apple iPhone, Google Android, and Amazon Kindle Fire app platforms. The commercial can be viewed via the link provided below.

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About Spray Foam Insulation & Roofing Magazine: Spray Foam Insulation & Roofing Magazine is targeted to a global audience of building construction professionals and energy-conscious readers. It is distributed bi-monthly to applicators, manufacturers, distributors, specifiers, general contractors, architects, engineers, and managers in both the public and private sectors. For more information, or free instant access, please use the links provided below.

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