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Executive Outlook: Preferred Solutions Inc.

A Conversation with the John and Jack Stahl, owners of Preferred Solutions Inc. By Juan Sagarbarria  Spray Foam Magazine: After over three decades in business, Preferred Solutions Inc (PSI) is an absolute reference in the spray foam industry. Why would you say so many choose to attach themselves to the PSI brand? John: I believe our products and services provide ...

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Coatings Saves the Subs

Coatings Technology Preserves Amusement Park History By Jen Kramer The year was 1958 and the first nuclear-powered submarine, the USS Nautilus, traveled below the polar ice cap. The following year, a popular amusement park debuted a submarine voyage “to the bottom of the sea,” complete with a vessel named after the famed Nautilus, in honor of that technological and patriotic ...

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Learning First-Hand

Getting Started in the Coatings Industry By Ryan Spencer In any business, and particularly in the construction industry, entering new territory is never easy. It’s an outright risk, albeit a necessary one, should a company hope to prevail in a competitive market. Diversification can be a key strategy to differentiate one contracting company from its competition. For roofing contractors, diversifying ...

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Go Above and Beyond With the Sep/Oct 2014 Issue of Spray Foam Magazine

The latest issue of Spray Foam Insulation & Roofing Magazine has just been published and is now available to worldwide. Readers can catch up with the September/October 2014 Issue online or on Spray Foam Magazine’s tablet and mobile apps. With Labor Day signaling the end of summer, the new edition welcomes autumn by capturing the change the SPF industry is ...

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Ground Control: Polyurea and Spray Foam Work in Tandem to Encapsulate Crawlspaces

It has been said that home is where the heart is; a place to prosper, raise children, and enjoy the fruits of ones labor. On the surface our home truly is our castle. What about what goes one below the surface, in places we can’t see? Over time, many problems can develop. Allergens, insects, and rodents– not to mention moisture ...

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Texas Two-Step: A Specialty Contracting Company Uses Pre-Sprayed Liners and On-Site Spraying to Restore a Secondary Containment Area with Polyurea

When it comes to industrial containment applications, coatings typically play a significant but passive role. However, maintenance and restoration efforts can bring coatings to the forefront of operational attention, particularly in the event of downtime. When the East Texas facility of a major pipeline operator required a serious restoration initiative, the company set out on a search for the optimal ...

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High Hat: Polyurea Restores the Roof of Dayton’s Tallest Building

    Kettering Tower, a 30-story office building located in Dayton, Ohio, first opened its doors for business in 1972 and to this day remains the tallest building in the city. The skyscraper, which is clad in steel and glass and boasts a half-million square feet of office space, was purchased for nearly $22 million in 2005 by an investment ...

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Big Things, Small Packages: SprayKraft Delivers a Versatile Plural-component Spray Pump That Sprays Everything From Foam to Metallic Coatings

Falling temperatures, falling ice – not a good combination. “The towers were collecting ice during the winter time,” said Jeff Himmelwright. “That ice would come down from the tower, hit the foundation and sheer the concrete off.” The situation was problematic, as damaged foundations would lead to damaged communication towers. The solution was the application of a two-component coating to ...

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