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The Right Treatment

A four-step spray foam roof system eliminates leaking issues for Philadelphia Water Department building

A Four-step Spray Foam Roof System Eliminates Leaking Issues for Philadelphia Water Department Building By JUAN SAGARBARRIA The Philadelphia Water Department’s (PWD) function goes way beyond providing water to the homes and businesses of the city made famous by Rocky Balboa and cheesesteak sandwiches. Before the water can be distributed, the PWD tests it for quality so that the end-user ...

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The Total Solution

A Case Study on Spray Foam’s Many Uses in Commercial Buildings Provided By Huntsman Exterior Applications When applied to the exterior of commercial buildings, in either new or retrofit situations, SPF can greatly reduce energy use, air infiltration and water intrusion. The two primary areas where SPF is used on the exterior of buildings are walls and roofing applications. SPF ...

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