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Ultra-Performing Steel Inside Spray Foamed Building Envelope

Spray Foam Insulation for an Annealing Factory

Redeveloped factory specializing in automotive high-tensile annealing gets insulated with spray foam By Juan Sagarbarría A challenging feat, it was: To apply 492,664 square feet of closed-cell spray polyurethane foam insulation to the interior of an abandoned steel mill. Installation thickness consisted of two inches on the walls and three inches on the ceiling, requiring approximately 1,363,342 board feet of ...

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The Total Solution

A Case Study on Spray Foam’s Many Uses in Commercial Buildings Provided By Huntsman Exterior Applications When applied to the exterior of commercial buildings, in either new or retrofit situations, SPF can greatly reduce energy use, air infiltration and water intrusion. The two primary areas where SPF is used on the exterior of buildings are walls and roofing applications. SPF ...

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Uncondensed Jerkey: Spray Foam Staves Off Smokehouse’s Condensation Issues

Spray Foam Staves Off Smokehouse's Condensation Issues

In order to stay ahead of the competition, companies must make wise investments that improve production and subsequently increase revenues. Bridgford Food Corp., one of the biggest beef jerky producers in the world, embodies this concept by seeking to reduce the time that it takes to smoke a batch of beef jerky from 12 hours to 1-2 hours. To accomplish ...

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Multitalented: Commercial Building Types That Benefit From SPF

With nearly 5 million commercial buildings and 115 million residential households in the United States, buildings account for almost 40 percent of the nation’s total primary energy use and 70 percent of the electricity used annually. Much of the energy wasted in commercial and residential buildings is a result of poor air sealing and insufficient thermal insulation. Air sealing is ...

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At Ease: Spray Foam Insulation Modernizes Scott Barracks Inside West Point Military Academy

New York’s West Point Military Academy has earned a prestigious rank in the hearts and hearths of Army affiliates. Hailed as perhaps the most decorated coeducational federal service academy in the world, West Point earned its reputation by nurturing entry-level cadets and turning them into well-rounded Army officers via challenging training and high academic standards implemented in their four-year program. ...

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Off the Wall: An Indoor Family Fun Center Benefits from a Twofold SPF Application

BACKGROUND McCune Construction Services Group of Fort Worth, Texas, was constructing a 26,000 square foot KidMania facility in Plano, Texas. The company needed good insulation to seal and insulate the cavernous steel-framed structure with high ceilings. It also needed the insulation to be installed quickly and efficiently in order to keep the entire project on schedule. APPLICATION McCune contacted Five ...

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Locked In: Newly Constructed Self-Storage Facility Gets Insulated With Spray Polyurethane Foam

Self-storage units play a critical role in facilitating the process of housing people’s belongings when they can’t find a place to put them. They provide security and peace of mind for the renter, who can count on retrieving their items in the exact condition as when they were stored. The question is, how can they be sure of that? The ...

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Going For Two (lb.): Closed-Cell SPF Insulates the Largest Indoor Sports Complex in the U.S.

Lee Stoltzfus didn’t beat around the bush when talking about Spooky Nook. “It’s just one crazy, insane project,” he said. Located in southern Pennsylvania, Spooky Nook Sports– named after its street address, not a Halloween fixation– opened to much fanfare in 2013 and is touted as the largest indoor sporting complex in the country at roughly 540,000 sq. ft. in ...

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Foam Frontier: Spray Foam is Used in an Olympic-Sized Rehabilitation Project in Uzbekistan

At final tally, Uzbekistan brought home a total of four medals, one gold and three bronzes, from the 2012 London Olympics. That success, which brings their all-time Uzbek total at the Summer Games to 21, was facilitated by the country’s Olympic training complex in its capital of Tashkent. When a rehabilitation project at the facility required several applications of spray ...

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Two Environmentally Friendly Practices Combine

Anybody that’s been to the frozen-food aisle of the supermarket knows about Amy’s Kitchen. It’s that brand offering a variety of frozen fare that looks and sounds instantly more delectable than its generic counterparts: Indian Spinach Tofu Wrap. Roasted Vegetable Pesto Pizza. Mexican Tamate Pie. What’s more, every food item is 100% organic and natural, and they’ve built a very successful brand on it: Amy’s ...

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