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Ending the Age of Excess: Calculate the Proper Size of HVAC Systems

In the March/April Issue of Spray Foam Insulation & Roofing Magazine, we discussed how recent changes in the 2009 & 2012 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) affected the construction of building envelopes. In the process of doing so, we asserted the building code mantra “build tight, ventilate right.” While the previous article focused more on the former part of the ...

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Covering the Spread: SPF Forms the Building Envelope of the Resorts World Casino New York City

A lot can happen in a decade. Or, not much at all. In the case of Queens’ Aqueduct Racetrack, it was a little bit of both – and a lot of spray foam. The Decision In 2001, still reeling from the nationwide effects of the tech bubble collapse and the aftermath of September 11, the state of New York was ...

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The Flour Tower: Spray Foam History Meets Spray Foam Future Along the Banks of the Columbia River

It’s not often that a once-in-a-career spray foam insulation application rests solely on a chance meeting. As Teri England, CEO of Smart Choice Insulation and Roofing recalls, it all started when George MacDonald, Smart Choice’s Director of Operations, was completing a roofing project in Central Washington. “One day in 2008, George was upgrading the Municipal Building in Bridgeport,” England began. ...

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2012 IECC Codes Build on 2009 Improvements

The comfort, efficiency and health benefits of a tightly sealed home have been well documented in recent years, garnering attention from organizations like the American Lung Association and Energy Star. Traditionally, homes have been built to “breathe,” a concept emphasizing the exchange of air between a home and the outside environment. Now, construction methods are aimed at reducing this occurrence ...

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Spray Foam Roof Restores Museum in Europe

American-made spray foam roofing products traveled all the way across the pond to foster longevity in an impressive restoration project that will bring architectural heritage to the modern forefront. Fraught with hurdles, the project defied extreme weather and delays to become a landmark application for the spray foam industry. The job site lay in Tallinn, Estonia, a state nestled on ...

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New Jersey Builder Converts to Spray Foam

He began his success with spray foam through the construction of his very own home Kevin Keefe, at the helm of New Jersey-based KeefeScape Construction, found open-cell spray foam to be an invaluable k asset to a 4-unit condo that he designed and built. In 2007, he constructed the condo complex “Fore at the Shore” in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ, ...

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Ignition Barriers and Thermal Barriers in Attics: International Residential Code (IRC) Requirements

The 2009 International Residential Code establishes prescriptive and alternative performance requirements for spray polyurethane foam (SPF) plastic insulation when installed in residential attic applications to ensure adequate performance of foam in a fire. Meeting Code Requirements: There are two ways to meet the requirements for an ignition barrier or thermal barriers. The first way is the prescriptive requirements listed in the ...

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