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411: Overview of EPA Checklists

March/April 2015 411 EPA Spray Foam

While working with spray foam, there are always potential risks and hazards than can occur unexpectedly. Therefore, it is important for SPF workers to be prepared for every step before, during, and after a spray foam application. To facilitate this process and comply with the job requirements, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) offers checklists that contractors should utilize on the ...

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On the Waterfront: Compromised Secondary Containment Installation is Restored and Waterproofed With Polyurea

Stemming from the Choctaw word for “Long river,” the Atchafalaya River is a distributary of the Mississippi and forms some three hundred miles from its mouth, making a southward beeline through Louisiana to the Gulf of Mexico. About 15 miles from where it empties into the Gulf, at Atchafalaya Bay, the river is bookended by the towns of Berwick and ...

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EPA Issues New Guidance Document on Proper Ventilation Techniques During Spray Foam Applications

Last year, in May 2010, NIOSH convened a meeting with key people from the spray foam industry, federal participants, and other vested groups to discuss the challenges of deploying ventilation technologies in the SPF application environment. Discussions included the variability of SPF operations, applications and worksites, typical practices, re-occupancy, overspray and barriers, and the use of natural and mechanical ventilation. ...

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