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Cooling Coat: United Thermal Systems utilized Gaco Western’s EPDM Roof Restoration Coating System to Significantly Decrease Gym Roof ‘s Temperatures

Making a roof waterproof while giving it a high insulation R-value is an attainable goal when spray polyurethane foam is applied. However, when there are monetary constraints due to strict budgets clients adhere to, contractors must find alternative methods to produce the closest, if not the same, results possible to what an SPF roofing application can provide. Such was the ...

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Topping It Off: A Gas Station’s Compromised EPDM Roof is Revitalized with an SPF System

Before winding through the Inland Empire and making a gradual eastward turn toward Las Vegas, Interstate 15 slices through Escondido, California. On the southern edge of the city, which is just north of San Diego, a heavily trafficked gas station adjacent to the highway was in need of a roof rehabilitation in early 2012. It was a classic case of ...

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