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Unicus Spray Systems Develops Rugged Ultra-Quiet, Fuel-Efficient Spray Foam Rigs Without The Use Of A Generator

Generating Profits Without A Generator Unicus Spray Systems develops rugged ultra-quiet, fuel-efficient spray foam rigs without the use of a generator By: Unicus Spray Systems, LLC Spray foam contractors are always looking for new and improved equipment to accomplish their jobs as quickly and easy as possible to satisfy customers’ timely needs. Most spray foam equipment on the market today requires contractors to use shore power or haul ...

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Equipment-based Innovations Streamline Spray Polyurethane Foam Applications

Listening to the Contractor Equipment-based innovations streamline spray polyurethane foam applications The spray foam trade is an ever-changing animal, and contractors, both new and seasoned, are keen to adopt and invest in products that produce more streamlined, well-executed applications. By the same token, industry manufacturers strategize products based on their ability to bring about a positive impact to said contractors ...

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Big Things, Small Packages: SprayKraft Delivers a Versatile Plural-component Spray Pump That Sprays Everything From Foam to Metallic Coatings

Falling temperatures, falling ice – not a good combination. “The towers were collecting ice during the winter time,” said Jeff Himmelwright. “That ice would come down from the tower, hit the foundation and sheer the concrete off.” The situation was problematic, as damaged foundations would lead to damaged communication towers. The solution was the application of a two-component coating to ...

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Reaction Time: A Spray Foam Contracting Firm Rebuilds Its Operation With the Integrated Reactor

Winter tends to put a halt on spray foam applications, due to temperature regulation and condensation concerns. As the cold subsides, however, SPF applicators typically prepare for the impending busy season that continues through summer. For EcoLogic Energy Solutions, things start picking up around April, and 2012 didn’t buck the trend. “It’s a very busy time of year for us,” ...

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A New Fleet: Polyurethane Machinery Corp. Provides a Navy Ship Builder With MIL-SPEC Proportioning Machines

It’s common to hear the term “high-performance coating” tossed around, with the discourse typically revolving around roof coatings that can survive excessive weathering and sun damage, and containment linings robust enough to withstand corrosive chemicals. However, rarely do you hear of coatings designed to withstand pressures greater than 25 times that of Earth’s atmosphere; or single-digit temperatures, Celsius; or the ...

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Hands-Off: 3M’s Auto Calibrator Takes the Guesswork Out of Refillable Low-Pressure Systems

For spray foam applications, properly maintaining the A and B material in a 1:1 proportion, also known as being “on-ratio,” is one of the most significant factors affecting application quality. Low-pressure spray foam kits, including refillable units, have long endured the tedious, wasteful and time-consuming process of manual calibration to maintain on-ratio material. The Auto Calibrator, the new proportioner component ...

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Have Foam, Will Travel: A World of Experience with Spray Foam Applications

Being able to wear the hat of a mechanic or engineer is integral to success as a spray applicator, at least according to spray foam industry veteran George MacDonald. Today, this paradigm is relevant as a matter of convenience, i.e. being able to fix malfunctioning equipment on a job site. In spray days past, the self-engineering paradigm was a matter ...

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