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An Intumescent Coating Fireproofs the Foam Insulation Inside Airplane Maintenance Facilities at Sawyer International Airport

International Fireproof Technologies, Inc DC315 helps fire-protect the spray foam insulation inside plane hangars.

Fireproof Aeronautical Maintenance An intumescent coating fireproofs the foam insulation inside airplane maintenance facilities at Sawyer International Airport By Juan Sagarbarria  If there’s one paramount component to aviation that stands above others, it is safety. Whether it is a small-engine Cessna or a commuter jet soaring through the open skies amidst photographic aerials views below, or a 747 commercial airliner ...

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Spray Foam and Intumescent Coatings

No shortcuts to safety with Flameseal intumescent coatings

No Shortcuts to Safety Why Canadian SPF contractors should use thermal barrier products that are tested under the industry standard. If there is an exact factor that distinguishes Canada’s SPF industry, that factor is safety codes. The National Building Code of Canada (NBC), published by NRC and developed by the Canadian Commission on Building and Fire Codes, delineates specific stringent ...

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Reducing Liability Through Compliance

Applying the right code compliant thermal barrier coating reduces fire hazards and job burdens. BY JUAN SAGARBARRÍA Spray foam insulation is a highly effective insulation material, however it is also known to be combustible without careful adherence to fire codes. No good deed goes unpunished if you, as a foam system manufacturer or an installer, are not making sure the ...

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Firestop Systems: How They Can Compliment Spray Foam Businesses

By Juan Sagarbarria In recent years, there has been an increased growth for firestop systems in the construction sector due mainly to increases in fire inspections. If installed properly, these materials can effectively obstruct the passage of fire, smoke, or toxic gasses from one-side of a fire-rated assembly to another by shoring up gaps created by penetrations. That is why ...

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Exceeding Current Fire Testing Standards

IFTI passes multiple CAN/ULC 9705 room corner burn tests over SPF, qualifying DC315 as equivalent to generic and prescriptive barriers over SPF. Recently, ULC published the CAN/ULC-9705 (Full-scale Room Test for Surface Products), which is a Canadian adoption of the first edition of the ISO 9705 test. This standard specifies a test method that simulates a fire that, under well-ventilated ...

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