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Equipment-based Innovations Streamline Spray Polyurethane Foam Applications

Listening to the Contractor Equipment-based innovations streamline spray polyurethane foam applications The spray foam trade is an ever-changing animal, and contractors, both new and seasoned, are keen to adopt and invest in products that produce more streamlined, well-executed applications. By the same token, industry manufacturers strategize products based on their ability to bring about a positive impact to said contractors ...

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A Conversation with Pat McHale of Graco

Graco President and CEO Pat McHale

President and CEO of Graco, Inc. By Jourdan Porter We spoke to Pat McHale, president and CEO of Graco Inc., about the innovations and benefits of their products and how they have impacted the spray foam market. Dedicated to his customers, McHale invites us to learn about the inner workings, ethics, and future of the company. » Spray Foam Magazine: ...

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Graco – Spray Foam Equipment

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Properly Selecting Spray Foam Equipment

Christian Fabrication Properly Outfitting a Spray Rig

By JUAN SAGARBARRIA Assembling the best possible spray rig constitutes an involved buying process. Even though rigs are available in pre-equipped, turnkey packages, SPF contractors can go one step further when deciding how to outfit their rigs by customizing the rig with specific components that matches their needs. To achieve this, the SPF distributor meticulously walks the contractor through the ...

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Ahead of The Curve: Reactor 2 Delivers Next-gen Functionality for Today’s Spray Applicators

So this was the new Reactor. The machine featured in Graco Inc.’s booth at the 2014 SprayFoam Convention & Expo, where the Reactor 2 made its debut, did not exhibit the stout, industrial stature that was seemingly present in every spray foam machine in the SPF industry. Instead, a tall, slender proportioner stood beneath the booth’s blue banners. Attendees were ...

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In The Know: Information and Control Are The Name of The Game With Graco InSite

To meet a project’s specification, accuracy and precision are the lifeblood of a successful spray foam application. Every aspect of a proportioner’s operation–temperature, pressure, the amount of material, and so on–must be carefully monitored in order to deliver the a suitable application. But ensuring the correct parameters isn’t always an easy task, and it can be downright daunting when a ...

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