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California DTSC Update: SPF Misinformation Corrected, Issue Remains Unresolved

The recent efforts of California’s Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) to list spray foam as a hazardous consumer product reached an important checkpoint in fall of 2014, as a concerted effort by the SPF industry lead to several revisions of misinformation about spray foam. As highlighted in the May/June 2014 edition of Spray Foam 411, the DTSC presented in ...

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In Demand: Branded Content is the Latest, Greatest way to Engage your Audience and Boost Interest

Branded content is the latest, greatest way to engage your audience and boost interest In the November/December 2014 issue, we discussed native advertising being the answer to keeping audiences engaged in the face of growing banner ad fatigue, as well as strengthening publishers as they navigate a changing media landscape. In publishing, native advertising takes the form of branded content ...

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Winter Shield

Spray Foam Insulation Protects Tennessee Homeowners from Harsh Winter Temperatures By Juan Sagarbarria As the grueling wintertime sets in, homeowners are reminded that building their homes with robust, energy-efficient insulation allows them to stay one step ahead of the weather. The residents from Jackson, Tennessee have been motivated to take proper steps to stay warm since meteorological forecasts suggests that ...

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Sweet Rejuvenation

Keane Insulation Installed Spray Foam Insulation To Renovate An Aging Building Used To Store Sweet Potatoes By Juan Sagarbarria Sweet potatoes beget delicious fries and chips, and also constitute the main ingredient of the staple cassarole at many a Thanksgiving table. But in between their harvest and consumption, sweet potatoes must be stored before they are processed. While stored, the ...

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Roof With a View

A Dual Spray Foam Roofing System Bolsters and Insulates Home Overlooking the City of El Paso By Juan Sagarbarria It’s quite the setting: a scenic view consisting of the Franklin Mountains, where the sun comes up and illuminates the city of El Paso, Texas, letting its residents know a new day has begun. That’s one of the exulting benefits an ...

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Learning First-Hand

Getting Started in the Coatings Industry By Ryan Spencer In any business, and particularly in the construction industry, entering new territory is never easy. It’s an outright risk, albeit a necessary one, should a company hope to prevail in a competitive market. Diversification can be a key strategy to differentiate one contracting company from its competition. For roofing contractors, diversifying ...

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The Total Solution

A Case Study on Spray Foam’s Many Uses in Commercial Buildings Provided By Huntsman Exterior Applications When applied to the exterior of commercial buildings, in either new or retrofit situations, SPF can greatly reduce energy use, air infiltration and water intrusion. The two primary areas where SPF is used on the exterior of buildings are walls and roofing applications. SPF ...

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How Low-Pressure Systems Can Transform Your Insulation Business

  By Ryan Spencer In the current business environment, you can’t afford to sit still. The spray foam industry is growing quickly and competition is increasing, all while the economy at large is plodding along, slowly but steadily upward. In a situation like this, complacency will lead to stagnation. Companies that make concerted efforts to improve and/or grow operations will ...

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Replacement Parts: Aftermarket VS OEM

By Ryan Spencer If you’ve sprayed foam for any length of time, then you’ve also worked on your gun. Or your proportioner. Or any other piece of equipment in your rig. Unfortunately, ongoing maintenance is a necessary reality for any spray foam operation. O-rings need to be replaced, chambers get clogged, and side seals get worn–replacement parts can move in ...

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New to Spray Foam?

Getting Started in the Spray Foam Industry. The Big Questions You Should Be Asking. By Ryan Spencer It’s no secret the spray foam industry is booming, and will continue to do so in the future. With any industry rife with opportunity, new entrants are a certainty. However, there’s no dipping your toe into the spray foam industry; it’s an all-or-nothing ...

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