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Executive Outlook: Gary Wolfe

A Conversation with Gary Wolfe – Executive Vice President, International Fireproof Technology, Inc. By Ryan Spencer With a full line of life safety and fire safety products, International Fireproof Technology Inc. (IFTI) has made an especially significant impact in the spray foam industry with its flagship DC315 intumescent coating. Spray Foam Magazine had a conversation with Gary Wolfe, IFTI’s Executive Vice President, ...

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Cold Weather Spray Foam Applications

ONE    Generally speaking, what is your take on applications being performed in cold weather? Specifically, how well do Canadian contractors handle cold installation conditions and how well suited are SPF products for being applied in cold conditions? Dave Andre, Morrison Hershfield: In our experience, the applications performed in cold weather are working in Canada. However, new contractors/installers need to ...

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Aging Comfortably

Shepherd’s Gardens Heritage Opts for a Spray Foam Solution By Alan Annis Upscale senior living at its finest; that’s Shepherd’s Gardens Heritage. Spacious balconies, expansive windows, and social amenities like a theatre room, dining room, and coffee shop make Shepherd’s Gardens Heritage a virtual paradise for its residents. This 15-story, 59,900-square-foot facility located in Edmonton, Alberta is conveniently located near ...

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The Top 3 Marketing Trends for 2016

Spray Foam Marketing Trends for 2016

Marketing is a perpetually evolving practice, and it has to be, given similarly ever-changing technology and market behavior. Digital marketing in particular has seen a great deal of disruption, despite being an emerging field. Many of these changes are due to advances in software that can give marketers a more intimate portrait of the markets in which they’re engaged. That ...

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Mixed Nuts: A Polyurea and Silicone Roofing System Halts Leaks at a New York-based Nut Butter Factory

A polyurea and silicone roofing system halts leaks at a New Yorkbased nut butter factory

A polyurea and silicone roofing system halts leaks at a New York-based nut butter factory By Juan Sagarbarria The production of high-quality nut butter is a lengthy and intricate process that involves different stages. From dry roasting the peanuts, cashews, or almonds; to cooling and blanching; to grinding them up; to processing; and to storing the product before its packaged ...

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If You Build it, They Will Come

The Full-Scale Ark Encounter Benefits from Spray Foam Insulation By Ryan Spencer While most spray foam contractors spend their days installing SPF on rooftops or between studs, it’s not uncommon to land a unique project every now and then–something that’s a bit of a curveball. In fact, numerous contractors focus on specialty applications, like monolithic domes. However, it’s not very ...

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Ups and Downs

A spray foam roofing system consisting of Gaco Western materials restores a multi-level roof

A Spray foam Roofing System Consisting of Gaco Western Materials Restores a Multi-level Roof By Juan Sagarbarria There are spray foam contractors that might balk at a certain roofing project that presents a myriad of complexities and hesitate to bid for the job altogether. On the other hand, some contractors confidently welcome the challenge, denoting that their expertise makes them ...

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Insulating for Good

Spray foam insulation provides comfort and energy efficiency to newly constructed, affordable homes in Indian River County, FL

Spray Foam Insulation Provides Comfort and Energy Efficiency to Newly Constructed, Affordable Homes in Indian River County, FL. By Juan Sagarbarria Through generous donations, intensive manual labor, and progressive advocacy, Habitat for Humanity’s ongoing efforts to construct comfortable, affordable homes have long been earmarked in the eyes of the nation. Their movement has transcended many counties of each state and ...

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Firestop Systems: How They Can Compliment Spray Foam Businesses

By Juan Sagarbarria In recent years, there has been an increased growth for firestop systems in the construction sector due mainly to increases in fire inspections. If installed properly, these materials can effectively obstruct the passage of fire, smoke, or toxic gasses from one-side of a fire-rated assembly to another by shoring up gaps created by penetrations. That is why ...

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Who’s In Your Corner?

Who's In Your Corner? SES Foam

By Reid McCall & Charles Valentine It’s rarely a good idea to go it alone, and success is seldom achieved solely through individual efforts. Spray foam contractors know this all too well, as success in this industry is influenced by factors before and after the job, as much as during. Make no mistake, SPF applications are battles: against time, against ...

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