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Plan for Safety: Enhance Production & Quality Control

Quality control can be the difference towards a profitable SPF roofing business.

Quality control can be the difference towards a profitable SPF roofing business. By Juan Sagarbarria While spray foam roofing is known to provide significant benefits – chief among them energy efficiency, strong R-value, and structural integrity – its presence in the roofing market is still minimal when compared to membrane roofing systems. Sharing only three percent of the roofing market ...

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Promote Yourself, Promote Success

How promotional offers can bring you the business you’ve been missing out on. By Juan Sagarbarria As a spray foam supplier, a little extra business is always welcomed. That is why suppliers often visualize themselves in the shoes of potential customers and try to think like a customer thinks. Within this line, it’s not hard to deduce that the customer ...

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Robo Rehab

A NCFI spray foam roof is applied with a robotic sprayer.

A spray foam roofing system application is efficiently expedited with the assistance of a robotic tool By Juan Sagarbarria It can be nice to have a robot do the work for you – particularly if said machine can be just as efficient, or more so, than a human when completing a task. The spray foam industry does not shy away ...

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SPF Roofing Applications Create Unique Hazards

By Harry Dietz, Director of Risk Management, NRCA Spray polyurethane foam (SPF) is a roof system installation with unique chemical components, application techniques, and worker protection requirements that vary from other roof system installations. Although edge, skylight, ladder, and roof opening hazards are also found in SPF installations, a roofing contractor faces unique challenges when implementing controls to minimize other ...

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Domes in the Wilderness

Polyseal uses SWD Urethane spray foam in a dome building roofing project in Alaska.

Spray foam and polyurea combine to protect two domed buildings near an Alaskan radar site By Juan Sagarbarria Radar bases. We know they are out there, yet we cannot pinpoint many or often any of their locations without referring to a detailed map or executing a strategic search engine query. Rightfully so, being that their ultimate purpose is to safeguard ...

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Harvesting SPF Success

Spray Foam Provides Energy Efficiency to Modern-Day Urban Farm Why is the concept of urban farming so rewarding and lucrative? Easy – there’s a high demand for fresh, natural products that complement the healthy lifestyle of everyday folks. A close proximity to towns, villages, or cities brings significant traffic to these farmer’s markets that is not seen in typical farms ...

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Patching It Up

Touch 'N Seal spray foam roofing

One-and two-component foams can be an ideal, cost-effective alternative to reroofing. By Juan Sagarbarria Whether it is tiles or a roofing system protecting them, roof substrates depend on a layer of protection to deflect damage issues. High winds, heavy rains, even hail damage are significant factors that threaten the longevity of the tile or the roof system and, by default, ...

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Good Leaders Ask Dumb Questions

Spray Foam 411

6 Leadership Traits in Defense of Asking the Obvious By Walt Grassl Paul and Sam work in a medium-size SPF contracting company. Sam was having lunch with Paul after a particularly grueling project planning meeting that Sam had attended. “Paul, I can’t believe what just happened in my project planning meeting. None of the supervisors had the guts to point ...

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The Topping on a Historic Candy Factory

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Executive Outlook: Chip Holton President, NCFI Polyurethanes

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