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Improving Foam Yield in Low-Pressure Applications

A New Low-Pressure Foam System Reduces Waste and Increases Yield

A New Low-Pressure Foam System Reduces Waste and Increases Yield By Ryan Spencer LOW-PRESSURE FOAM: PROS AND CONS Low-pressure foam systems offer major benefits over high-pressure foam in certain circumstances, notably cost-effectiveness for smaller applications. However, one major drawback is the tedious calibration process, which not only negatively impacts time and labor, but also increases material waste. In short, the calibration ...

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One-Component Foam Sealants: Robust Capabilities

One-component foam sealants: robust capabilities

By Ryan Spencer It cannot be overstated: homes with air leaks are inefficient, uncomfortable, and overly expensive. Air leakage and infiltration not only make indoor temperatures difficult to regulate, but also account for up to 40% of an average home’s heating and cooling costs, per the U.S. Department of Energy. This is especially evident during the winter, when drafty homes ...

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Balancing Versatility & Performance

By Juan Sagarbarria It is no secret that high-pressure, plural-component equipment sustains the majority of spray polyurethane foam projects. Applications stemming from a large, high-pressure proportioner housed inside a spray rig and connected to several hundred feet of hose is a common sight in the SPF industry. While these machines are undoubtedly effective, and may meet the high production capabilities ...

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The Top 5 Applications for Low-Pressure Foam

  One. Wall Cavities While spray foam insulation is an exceptional option for insulating the walls of a home, high-pressure SPF is not cost effective for just insulating a basement or a room addition. However, that doesn’t mean these areas are relegated to porous fiberglass batt or blown cellulose insulation. On the contrary, homeowners can get the best of both ...

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How Low-Pressure Systems Can Transform Your Insulation Business

  By Ryan Spencer In the current business environment, you can’t afford to sit still. The spray foam industry is growing quickly and competition is increasing, all while the economy at large is plodding along, slowly but steadily upward. In a situation like this, complacency will lead to stagnation. Companies that make concerted efforts to improve and/or grow operations will ...

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Kits and Kaboodle: The Ins and Outs of Low-Pressure Spray Foam Applications

Low Pressure Applications

By and large, high-pressure SPF applications garner much of the attention in the spray foam industry. However, low-pressure applications have become an increasingly significant part of the market, effectively carving out niches in which high-pressure applications are infeasible. Leading the charge for low-pressure systems are aerosol cans and disposable kits, but in recent years, new innovations have made low-pressure applications ...

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