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Tips To Utilizing Social Media To Expand Your Brand And Increase Your Customer Base

Must-Dos For Social Media Marketing Tips to utilizing social media to expand your brand and increase your customer base By: Jourdan Porter In this day and age, most people have social media profiles to stay connected with family and friends. When creating your profile, you carefully pick the information you put on your page in order to create the image you want others to see. ...

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Smart Snaps

Tips for Getting High Quality Project Photos Using Your Smartphone

Tips for Getting High Quality Project Photos Using Your Smartphone BY JUAN SAGARBARRIA It’s that old saying that’s never been inaccurate, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” SPF contractors can talk to their heart’s content about their prowess, and about the range of projects they’ve taken on, but without images to represent those projects, how can the quality of ...

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First Authority: Break Through the Competition by Being the Authority in your Market

With the undeniable growth of the spray foam industry, and with new players continually entering the market, it’s important for established companies to leverage their experience as much as possible. Sure, informing customers of about decades of experience with spray foam might tell them you have expertise, but does it convince them? In other words, are you truly an authority ...

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Google’s New Algorithm

Google's New Algorithm: Is Your Website Prepared?

Is Your Website Prepared? The foundation of Google’s empire, as most people know, is its search algorithm–or more accurately, algorithms. Since its launch, Google has been tweaking and transforming its search ranking algorithm to provide better results for users. The algorithm has gone through numerous iterations over the years, and whenever it’s updated, a ripple effect of speculation spreads across ...

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The Road to Discovery: You Might be Interested in Learning About Content Marketing’s Latest Trend

You Might be Interested in Learning About Content Marketing’s Latest Trend

At this point, it probably isn’t necessary to convince anyone that content rules digital marketing, and chances are your company is already producing it, or has hired a content expert to create it on your company’s behalf. Furthermore, your company already may have cultivated an audience, thereby establishing it as an expert resource within its domain, be that roofing applications, ...

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5 C’s Of Designing Effective Banner Ads

5 C’s Of Designing Effective Banner Ads

Almost as old as the web itself, the banner ad has defined internet advertising, even in today’s marketing landscape. While its cousin the text ad has soared in popularity, thanks to Google, the banner ad remains a time-tested means of visual marketing communications. Despite its ubiquity, however, a poorly designed banner ad is an all-to-common sight. With a small space ...

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Writing’s On The Wall: Leveraging The Internet To Easily (and Cheaply) Promote Your Company

Leveraging The Internet To Easily (and Cheaply) Promote Your Company

Of the numerous qualities that make LinkedIn great, the website’s articles provide for an often-overlooked resource of business acumen. A notable example was published in November 2013 and written by Barbara Corcoran, of ABC’s Shark Tank fame. The article described how Corcoran ascended the cutthroat New York City real estate market by focusing on writing and publishing reports. Truth be ...

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It’s Not Easy Being Green: The FTC Revises Green Guides to Better Help Consumers

Among the most significant advantages, not to mention selling points, of spray foam is its ability to significantly cut down on a building’s energy requirements. Additionally, the foam itself can be made with renewable content. Both of those environmentally conscious aspects of the material are highly touted throughout the SPF industry to prospective homeowners and business owners. While it’s important ...

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