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From The Editor

As Goes California As a former Californian, born and raised, I can attest to the fact that although the sun may set in the West, many things rise up from there as well. According to the old adage, ”As goes California, so goes the rest of the nation” – and often the world – in terms of codes and culture. ...

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Executive Outlook: George Spanos

A Conversation With George Spanos – President, Spray Foam Distributors of New England, Inc. By Jen Kramer A drive to be the best and an uncompromising work ethic combine to create one of the most successful spray foam distributing companies on the East Coast, if not in the U.S.: Sprayfoam Distributors of New England, Inc (SFDONE). Spray Foam Magazine spoke ...

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Intumescents And SPF: Spray It Safe

The code for spraying intumescent coatings over spray polyurethane foam has changed. Get the facts here. BY JEN KRAMER Using an intumescent coating as an alternative thermal barrier over spray polyurethane foam (SPF) is an effective, efficient means of fire prevention. The code for alternative thermal barriers has recently changed and the new Acceptance Criteria will be in effect October ...

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Containment With A Canadian Twist

When an oil tank farm need secondary containment, they turned to American cutting-edge technology and Canadian application skill for a cross-border industrial coatings project BY JEN KRAMER The North Dakota prairie is home to all manner of native species of plants and animals, including elk, antelope, whitetail deer, bighorn sheep, coyote, prairie chicken, pheasant, wild turkey, eagles, falcons, and the ...

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Help Homeowners And Be “Baeumler-Approved”

BY BRYAN BAEUMLER I get thousands of emails asking me for advice like what to tackle first and where to find reliable companies. Finding the right tradesperson isn’t so simple. Hiring a tradesperson is a bit like choosing a partner and getting married — it’s a very subjective commitment and individual results may vary. Common sense tells us that we ...

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Protection Of Foamed Plastics

Protect yourself by knowing the code. BY BLAKE RUTHERFORD Understanding the codes and complying with correct testing certification requirements is arguably the first and most important element to any new construction project or retrofit. Failure to comply can result in increased costs to correct compliance failures, lost time, lost profits, and even liability concerns. To avoid these dangers, SPF applicators ...

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DISCUSSION POINT: Intumescent Coatings Over SPF

Spray Foam Magazine Canada: What do you think about the ”Hot Topic” use of Intumescent Coatings over Spray Polyurethane Foam? Marc Kast, Elastochem: There is a major debate in Canada, between the Government, manufacturers, and applicators of SPF as to whether or not intumescent coatings can be used over SPF as an approved thermal barrier and meet the intent of ...

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R-Value Is Not The Whole Story

By Robert Naini The insulation you use does not have a higher “effective R-value” than its tested R-value, stop saying that it does. R-value is R-value; it is derived and documented based on a tested value, K-factor, and does not magically have a higher resistance than the value listed on its technical data sheet just because you think it is ...

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High-Flying Safety: Protecting Yourself On Aerial Lifts

If you spray foam on large commercial roofs, chances are good that at some point in your career you will work on an aerial lift. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) defines an aerial lift as any vehicle-mounted device used to elevate personnel, including: Extendable boom platforms, aerial ladders, articulating (jointed) boom platforms, vertical towers, and any combination of ...

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Polyurea Gym Workout: Beauty and Brawn

People go to the gym to work on their appearance. But what happens when the gym’s appearance is lacking? That was the problem at a popular gym located in a major mall in Southern California.

People go to the gym to work on their appearance. But what happens when the gym’s appearance is lacking? That was the problem at a popular gym located in a major mall in Southern California. The operators of the MainPlace Mall in Santa Ana, California knew that they needed to upgrade the outdoor pool deck (located on the second floor ...

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