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A Dome Building’s Ceiling Gets SPF Insulation Application in Six Hours

Contractor’s Corner: Foamed Dome A dome building’s ceiling gets SPF insulation application in six hours By Juan Sagarbarria  Ben Monsma of Louisville Spray Foam Insulation (LSFI) went on Facebook hoping to find information pertaining to Lapolla’s FOAM-LOK 2000-4G closed-cell foam, which his team was looking to try out. He posted an open-ended question on Spray Foam World Wide—the Facebook group ...

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Domes in the Wilderness

Polyseal uses SWD Urethane spray foam in a dome building roofing project in Alaska.

Spray foam and polyurea combine to protect two domed buildings near an Alaskan radar site By Juan Sagarbarria Radar bases. We know they are out there, yet we cannot pinpoint many or often any of their locations without referring to a detailed map or executing a strategic search engine query. Rightfully so, being that their ultimate purpose is to safeguard ...

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Monolithic Domes: Quite Possibly the World’s Safest Severe Weather Buildings

Monolithic Dome Home with Spray Foam

A Monolithic Dome starts as a concrete ring foundation, reinforced with steel rebar. For smaller domes, an integrated floor and ring foundation may be used. Vertical steel bars embedded in the ring beam footing are later attached to the steel, reinforcing the dome itself. The Airform, fabricated to a proper shape and size, is attached to the concrete base. Using ...

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