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Executive Outlook: Mitch Clifton

A Conversation With Mitch Clifton – Director of Business Development, NCFI By Ryan Spencer NCFI was one of the world’s pioneers of polyurethane foam in the 1960s, and since has developed product lines in residential and commercial SPF insulation, commercial roofing, geotechnical applications and OEM technologies. Spray Foam Magazine spoke with Mitch Clifton, NCFI’s Director of Sales, about the company’s ...

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Executive Outlook: Chip Holton President, NCFI Polyurethanes

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Fizzy Foam

Spray Foam Saves the Office Space of a Coca-Cola Distribution Facility By JUAN SAGARBARRIA The Coca-Cola Company operates numerous facilities across the world that thrive through timely production, where an interruption can result in downtime that alters production and distribution schedules. To keep this proverbial well-oiled machine running, any facility-related issues must be remediated with haste. After a pipe froze ...

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The Golden Years: NCFI Marks 5 Decades of Polyurethane Prowess

Longevity isn’t an attribute commonly observed in industries as young as the spray foam industry. In eras of high growth, companies rise, fall, get acquired, or are spun off. Sustained success can be hard to come by in a volatile business environment, but NCFI has tallied 50 years of operations by focusing on what matters. “It really means that we’ve ...

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Healthy Building, Healthy Hearts: Detroit Medical Center’s New Heart Hospital Gets Insulated with NCFI Products

Michigan’s first and only heart hospital is currently in the final stages of completion. The 96,000 sq. ft. Heart Hospital is a $78 million expansion of Detroit Medical Center that will house both the DMC Cardiovascular Institute and Cardio Team One. With a linear layout and a top-of-the line staff ranging from physicians to nurses working together in different cardiovascular ...

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The Battle Against Severe Weather Disasters: Closed-Cell Spray Polyurethane Foam in Hurricane Zones

Spray Foam Magazine - Severe Weather - Closed Cell Spray Foam

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