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Ups and Downs

A spray foam roofing system consisting of Gaco Western materials restores a multi-level roof

A Spray foam Roofing System Consisting of Gaco Western Materials Restores a Multi-level Roof By Juan Sagarbarria There are spray foam contractors that might balk at a certain roofing project that presents a myriad of complexities and hesitate to bid for the job altogether. On the other hand, some contractors confidently welcome the challenge, denoting that their expertise makes them ...

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Meeting Every Need: Polyurethanes Prominently Promoted at UTECH North America 2014

Spray polyurethane foam, while a high-growth and versatile material in its own right, is just one component of the larger polyurethanes industry. The scope and breadth of the industry shows that polyurethane is indeed a miracle molecule. Beyond spray foam’s role in our walls and ceilings, polyurethanes are broadly interlinked with numerous aspects of everyday life, from our attire and ...

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The Real Seal: Fomo Shows Why Low-Pressure Spray Foam is Ideal for Weatherization

One of the more heralded benefits of spray polyurethane foam is that it performs as an air and vapor retarder in addition to functioning as insulation. This is unparalleled in the insulation industry, as competing insulation materials like fiberglass and cellulose simply cannot deliver such additional performance characteristics. In order to provide the same level of air and moisture blocking, ...

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Tanked: A Massive Liquid Fertilizer Tank is Insulated With Spray Foam

The Corn Belt has consistently been one of the most productive agricultural regions in the world, due in part to the efficient transportation of not only the harvested crops, but their precursor: fertilizer. Scattered about this Midwest region are fertilizer production and distribution centers that feed the plants that in turn feed the United States. One such facility, which supplies ...

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Rebuilding the Diocese of the Arctic: Warmth Insulation Helps Rebuild Iqaluit’s Most Beloved Cathedral

Iqaluit, Nunavut. Population; 75,000. Location; Canada, just outside the Arctic Circle, home of St. Jude’s Anglican Cathedral – the Diocese of the Arctic. Once referred to as the brightest star in the realm of cathedrals, St. Jude’s igloo-shaped place of worship was lost by arson in 2005, leaving a dark residue not only on the ice, but also in the ...

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Market Cap: World’s Largest Food Distribution Center Gets a New Spray Foam Roofing System

In the Bronx neighborhood of Hunts Point, food distribution is taken seriously. That attitude is a necessity, considering the area is home to the world’s largest food distribution center. When the aging roofing system of the distribution center’s meat market was in need of rehabilitation, a combination of spray polyurethane foam and silicone coatings was deemed the optimal solution. The ...

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The Right Stuff: NASA Spin-off Company Pursues a Distinctly Efficient Approach to the Design of Mechanical Systems

While building science is a concentration typically relegated to the Earth’s surface, for obvious reasons, a mechanical engineering company located near Dallas, Texas channels its history in space exploration to more efficiently design mechanical systems. “It’s not exactly rocket science that we do,” said Richard Rue, CEO of EnergyWise Structures.” But we do have a rocket scientist designing our systems.” ...

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