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The Proper Care and Cleaning of Equipment

keeping equipment clean is important to job success

By Murphy Mahaffey, Director of International Sales, Polyurethane Machinery Corporation with contributions by Tom Rivera,  Director of Technical Services; Mike Burke,  Senior Technician Every profession has its associated tools – the carpenters have their saws, planes, and hammers; the spray foam applicators have their spray system – pumps, hoses, and guns. While the tools are different, the tasks cannot be completed ...

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Reaching New Heights: PMC’s New Patent-Pending AP-EX Spray System Facilitates The Application of Spray Foam

Polyurethane Machinery Corporation's AP-EX Spray System allows the spray foam applicator to reach new heights.

  One thing that is certain about spray foam projects is that each one is different. Whether it is a small- or large-scale insulation or roofing application, varying building sizes and dimensions present hard-to-reach areas that are almost impossible to access without the use of lifts, ladders, platforms, or scaffolding. These difficult-to- reach areas require contractors to add safety equipment ...

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Juiced Up: A Small Juice Stand Becomes a Symbol of The Jersey Shore’s Restoration

“Everybody has been taking their pictures next to it,” said Chris Wojcik. “It has already turned into a local icon.” It’s not often that the term ‘icon’ is thrown around when referring to a spray foam project, and it’s even less often when that icon is shaped like a pineapple. But for one beach community situated along the still-recovering New ...

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