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Of Foam And Fish

Spray polyurethane foam helps efficiently and effectively insulate an 84-gross-ton fishing vessel from the frigid waters in which she sails. By Jen Kramer One hundred thousand pounds of fish. By any measure, that is a big haul. Now imagine a ship with a fish hold large enough to contain a catch that substantial. It would have to be pretty well insulated, wouldn’t ...

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SPF: The Roofing System That Costs Only 17 Cents per foot / per year?

Although the title of this article may or may not be 100% accurate in every case, read the scenario below to see how spray foam roofing systems and GE silicone coatings are helping building owners eliminate roof leaks, and pay for the cost of their commercial roofs with energy savings and longer life cycles. Silicone coatings by GE have been ...

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