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Big Things, Small Packages: SprayKraft Delivers a Versatile Plural-component Spray Pump That Sprays Everything From Foam to Metallic Coatings

Falling temperatures, falling ice – not a good combination. “The towers were collecting ice during the winter time,” said Jeff Himmelwright. “That ice would come down from the tower, hit the foundation and sheer the concrete off.” The situation was problematic, as damaged foundations would lead to damaged communication towers. The solution was the application of a two-component coating to ...

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Roboliner: The Evolution of the Polyurea Secondary Containment Market

The robot made one pass and then another, back and forth, as the entire machine methodically lurched along a length of geotextile fabric. “It doesn’t get tired; it doesn’t get hot; it doesn’t think about lunch; it doesn’t have a girlfriend; it keeps on running,” Mike Whitener said, over the noise emanating from the machine. “It just works.” Standing on ...

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