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Home for a Hero

Home for a Hero

Several entities unite to build an energy-efficient home for U.S. Air Force Captain Nathan Nelson By Demilec  Jennifer Nelson was six months pregnant with her first child when she received news that her husband was severely injured from a rocket blast during his third tour in Afghanistan in 2013. More than 7,000 miles away from his wife and soon-to-be baby ...

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Ahead of Winter

Spray Polyurethane Foam Game of Thrones Ahead of Winter

World-renowned author puts energy efficiency, sustainability first By Juan Sagarbarria  There’s a cold, howling breeze currently traversing through the rusty, Sangre de Cristo Mountains in the dead of the southwestern night. It encapsulates New Mexico’s oldest city, Santa Fe, which glistens beneath this vast mountain range. At a 7,000-foot elevation and with virtually no humidity entwined, the desert chill is ...

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Smart Choices, Greater Payback

Blowing Agent Spray Foam

A spray foam application in the Chicago suburbs is highlighted by the benefits of a cutting-edge, blowing agent technology By Joyce Wallace, Chemours & Benjamin Brown, Natural polymers Changing regulations are catching up with the benefits of closed-cell spray foam. Benefits that Shawn and Ellen Malone, two homeowners hailing from the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, were able to witness first-hand. ...

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History In The Re-Making

Spray foam plays a role in the revitalization of a 100-year old Canadian hotel into the home building of high-end condos By Juan Sagarbarría On the western tip of Lake Ontario exists one of the most unique and attractive cities in Canada. The city in question is Hamilton. Known as “Steel Town” from its heyday as a city driven by ...

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Canyon Road Modernization

Spray foam plays a vital role in the transformation of a school into a modernized residential condominium in Santa Fe’s art district By Juan Sagarbarría If you’re partial to letting your artistic flag fly when in Santa, Fe, New Mexico, then your visit would be utterly incomplete without a jaunt down world-famous Canyon Road. Tucked away into the foothills of ...

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A Sweet Duet

SPF insulation and a Tiny Home combine in a symphony of savings for a world-renowned musician. By Jen Kramer The tiny home trend is sweeping the nation. According to the U.S. Census, the average size of an American home is 2,600 square feet, while the average size of a tiny home is 500 square feet. That’s a noticeable difference. A ...

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Smooth Operator

Residential Spray Foam Barrier

Residential Air Barriers as Works of Art By Jen Kramer Spend any amount of time in the spray polyurethane foam industry and you will learn that there is an art to spraying the foam. Distance from the substrate, temperature, humidity, the angle of the applicator’s wrist, all these variables and more can and do affect the foam’s ultimate outcome. On ...

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Living Tiny: Spray Polyurethane Foam Helps the NextGen Net-Zero/ Healthy Home Achieve Zero Energy Usage

USI Building applied spray polyurethane foam insulation to the exterior of a Tiny House.

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Ed Begley Jr. and SPF LEED The Hollywood GREEN Revolution

Ed Begkey Jr., Hollywood actor, had Icynene spray polyurethane foam insulation applied to his home.

Green has multiple meanings for noted actor, director, producer, and conservationist Ed Begley Jr. It of course signifies his long-standing commitment to environmentalism and “Green” causes. It also; however, represents the money that he has saved through his commitment to conservation. Both meanings combined during the construction of his new 4,000 square-foot home, built from the ground up to the ...

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Energy-Efficient Abode

Spray polyurethane foam provides an energy-efficient facelift for Toronto home.

Spray Polyurethane Foam Provides an Energy-Efficient Facelift for Toronto Home BY JUAN SAGARBARRIA When seeking a place to call home in the Toronto area, architect Christine Lolley had two pre-requisites: That the home be in close proximity to her architecture firm’s office and that the home was as energy-efficient as possible. Her firm, Solares Architecture, specializes in luxurious and energy-efficient ...

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