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Robo Rehab

A NCFI spray foam roof is applied with a robotic sprayer.

A spray foam roofing system application is efficiently expedited with the assistance of a robotic tool By Juan Sagarbarria It can be nice to have a robot do the work for you – particularly if said machine can be just as efficient, or more so, than a human when completing a task. The spray foam industry does not shy away ...

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Italian Stallion

Spray Foam Robotic Applicator By Valpolymer

The Industry’s Latest Robotic Spray Applicator By RYAN SPENCER Consistency is crucial when applying spray foam and spray-applied coatings; every step must be taken to provide assurance for the customer that a project was completed to spec. In the case of commercial SPF roofing or industrial polyurea waterproofing projects, the sheer size of the applications can be obstacles to consistency. ...

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Roboliner: The Evolution of the Polyurea Secondary Containment Market

The robot made one pass and then another, back and forth, as the entire machine methodically lurched along a length of geotextile fabric. “It doesn’t get tired; it doesn’t get hot; it doesn’t think about lunch; it doesn’t have a girlfriend; it keeps on running,” Mike Whitener said, over the noise emanating from the machine. “It just works.” Standing on ...

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