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From The Editor

Life On Mars Is there life on Mars? The question has enthralled us since Mars was discovered. From H.G. Wells’ novel, “The War of the Worlds,” to David Bowie’s song, “Life on Mars,” to Ridley Scott’s film starring Matt Damon, “The Martian,” the Red Planet has been celebrated in popular entertainment for generations. NASA has even landed two robotic exploration ...

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The Best Of Spray Foam In Canada

Spray Foam Magazine wants to thank all of the Canadian contractors who sent in photos of their standout projects. Located in Chambly, Quebec, the crew from Isolation Saint-Luc (above) insulates the walls and basement floor coving of a residence with Demilec’s Heatlok™ Soya®. Ken White of Eco Insulation in Sudbury goes to great lengths to help his customers. For the project ...

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Hybrid Cell Medium-Density Spray Foam Systems

By Jen Kramer There are some new spray polyurethane foam systems on the market that combine the best features of both open- and closed-cell foams. We recently sat down with Profoam Corporation’s president and owner, Ted Medford, to discuss the unique features of these new foam products. Spray Foam Magazine: Can you explain what the difference is between conventional SPF ...

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A Canadian Milestone

CCMC Confirms IFTI’s DC315 Qualifies as Equivalent to Generic and Prescriptive Barriers Over SPF By Gary Wolfe After spending much of 2015 and 2016 developing criteria and testing DC315, a fire-protective intumescent coating, as well as working in tandem with the Canadian Construction Materials Centre (CCMC), the National Research Council of Canada (NRC), and several other well regarded accredited fire ...

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Protecting Workers From Heat Illness

OSHA provides considerations to prevent heat-related tragedies to spray foam crewmembers in heated conditions By Dean McKenzie, OSHA Director of Construction If you work outside performing various commercial and residential building and construction activities, and you do not follow some simple precautionary measures, you could be at risk for heat exposure. Each year thousands of workers develop heat-related illness on ...

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Expand Your Business Using Intumescent Thermal Barriers

By Dylan Nowak Any business owner will tell you, you must grow or die. The success of a corporation hinges on its ability to offer unique and innovative solutions to the marketplace. Technical advances in spray foam, and code-compliant intumescent thermal barriers have drastically expanded the applications and opportunities for spray foam applicators. Drywall is no longer the only choice. ...

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SPF Goes To The Dogs: Petco Roof

Spray Foam Petco Roof

One of 2015’s largest roofing projects encompassed a single roof and a quarter of a million pounds of foam. By Jen Kramer One of the largest spray polyurethane foam (SPF) projects of 2015 was a roofing project that required almost a quarter of a million pounds of foam. Believe it or not, it wasn’t a series of roofs, but rather ...

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Severe Weather Solution: Hurricane Proof Homes

Spray Polyurethane Foam Helps Keep Roofs In Place During Major Storms By Jen Kramer “You know the phrase, ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help?’” asks Ed Skvarch, Extension Agent III, Commercial Horticulture with the University of Florida / IFAS Extension, with a chuckle. “Well, for once it is actually true. We really are here to help.” We ...

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Coatings Saves the Subs

Coatings Technology Preserves Amusement Park History By Jen Kramer The year was 1958 and the first nuclear-powered submarine, the USS Nautilus, traveled below the polar ice cap. The following year, a popular amusement park debuted a submarine voyage “to the bottom of the sea,” complete with a vessel named after the famed Nautilus, in honor of that technological and patriotic ...

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Smooth Operator

Residential Spray Foam Barrier

Residential Air Barriers as Works of Art By Jen Kramer Spend any amount of time in the spray polyurethane foam industry and you will learn that there is an art to spraying the foam. Distance from the substrate, temperature, humidity, the angle of the applicator’s wrist, all these variables and more can and do affect the foam’s ultimate outcome. On ...

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