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From the Ground Up: Closed-cell Spray Foam Plays a Role in Restoring the New Jersey Coast

We’ve been well versed in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, but more importantly, we’ve also been made aware of the recovery efforts as those affected work to rebuild. Much like any disaster of Sandy’s magnitude, rebuilding isn’t something accomplished individually, but rather as a concerted effort between those affected, charitable organizations, cleanup crews, remediation specialists, restoration contractors, and so on. ...

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Inside-Out: Spray Foam & Stucco System Offers Homeowners an Alternative to Traditional Wall Insulation

Earth tones. Stucco. Adobe-style architecture. These images are the common representations of residences in the American Southwest, especially in New Mexico. While such notions are geared toward desert living, a significant portion of New Mexico is prone to experience wild temperature swings due to high regional altitudes. In any region where climate extremes occur, temperature regulation is crucial to comfortable ...

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Rebuilding the Diocese of the Arctic: Warmth Insulation Helps Rebuild Iqaluit’s Most Beloved Cathedral

Iqaluit, Nunavut. Population; 75,000. Location; Canada, just outside the Arctic Circle, home of St. Jude’s Anglican Cathedral – the Diocese of the Arctic. Once referred to as the brightest star in the realm of cathedrals, St. Jude’s igloo-shaped place of worship was lost by arson in 2005, leaving a dark residue not only on the ice, but also in the ...

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Spray Foam Roof Restores Museum in Europe

American-made spray foam roofing products traveled all the way across the pond to foster longevity in an impressive restoration project that will bring architectural heritage to the modern forefront. Fraught with hurdles, the project defied extreme weather and delays to become a landmark application for the spray foam industry. The job site lay in Tallinn, Estonia, a state nestled on ...

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Spray Foam Man on a Mission

Imagine a hurricane-proof house – a building raised over 6 feet above the Base Flood Elevation (BFE) that is built with such structural fortitude that it withstands Category 5 winds whirling at over 150 miles-per-hour. This was the house that Eric Price, Spray Foam Inspector, had envisioned prior to the hurricane that devastated New Orleans in 2005: Katrina. When she ...

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Cold Weather Spray Foam Application Techniques

Full-time spray foam contractors up north often lose the “full-time” aspect of their business during the winter months. Frigid temperatures pose several problems for SPF application; however with proper training and product selection, solutions are available. It’s important to be aware of certain factors, and learn a few tips and tricks for outsmarting the cold. Veteran SPF consultant Mason Knowles ...

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Ice Dams: Spray Foam Insulation to the Rescue

Anybody living in snow-strewn regions is familiar with the smattering of icicles dangling from rooftops during the winter months. A charming addition to Christmas decorations? Not quite – icicles are actually a dangerous, costly nuisance that flagships an improperly insulated home and attic. Icicles are a common result of the aptly named “ice dam,” and are the manifestation of a ...

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Closed-cell Spray Foam: the Only FEMA Class 5 Rated Flood-Resistant Insulation

Sprayed polyurethane foam and closed-cell plastic foams are the only materials that FEMA classifies as acceptable flood damage-resistant insulation materials for floors, walls and ceilings in its building design criteria for special flood hazard areas (SFHAs). This requirement applies to new construction, repair of substantially damaged buildings, and substantial improvement of existing buildings in SFHAs. To protect buildings constructed in ...

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The Battle Against Severe Weather Disasters: Closed-Cell Spray Polyurethane Foam in Hurricane Zones

Spray Foam Magazine - Severe Weather - Closed Cell Spray Foam

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Monolithic Domes: Quite Possibly the World’s Safest Severe Weather Buildings

Monolithic Dome Home with Spray Foam

A Monolithic Dome starts as a concrete ring foundation, reinforced with steel rebar. For smaller domes, an integrated floor and ring foundation may be used. Vertical steel bars embedded in the ring beam footing are later attached to the steel, reinforcing the dome itself. The Airform, fabricated to a proper shape and size, is attached to the concrete base. Using ...

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