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Unicus Spray Systems Develops Rugged Ultra-Quiet, Fuel-Efficient Spray Foam Rigs Without The Use Of A Generator

Generating Profits Without A Generator Unicus Spray Systems develops rugged ultra-quiet, fuel-efficient spray foam rigs without the use of a generator By: Unicus Spray Systems, LLC Spray foam contractors are always looking for new and improved equipment to accomplish their jobs as quickly and easy as possible to satisfy customers’ timely needs. Most spray foam equipment on the market today requires contractors to use shore power or haul ...

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What It Takes To Run A Successful Contracting Business

Dream, Struggle, Prize: What It Takes To Run A Successful Contracting Business By: Spray Foam Equipment & Mfg.  Whether you are new to the spray foam industry, have been spraying foam for years, or are a contractor looking to expand, taking the first step can be scary. However, there has never been a more exciting time to get started or grow ...

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Best of Both Worlds: SucraSeal Open-cell Foam Saves Time and Resources

The spray polyurethane foam market is saturated with myriad types of foams, often being only slightly different from one another. SES Foam poses the question: are these foams truly differentiated in any significant ways? In a de facto answer, the company has positioned itself as an inustrystandout with the introduction of SucraSeal, a sucrose-based (sugar-based) open-cell foam insulation. While there ...

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Global Glance: A Worldwide Look at SPF Market Trends

In 2011, the global production of SPF was estimated at 460,250 tons, with the largest producers being the U.S., China, Benelux (Belgium-Netherlands-Luxembourg), Canada, and Japan. These five markets account for more than 77% of the total demand, and that demand may be rising. With a forecasted annual growth rate of 6.1%, the demand could reach as high as 617,800 tons ...

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Spray Foam 2012 Exhibitor Preview

The Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance (SPFA) will celebrate its 25th anniversary at the largest gathering of spray foam contractors in the U.S. The SPFA 2012 Conference & Expo will be held from Jan. 30 – Feb. 2,2012, at the InterContinental Hotel in Dallas. The four-day conference offers a schedule packed with accreditation courses and seminars, breakout sessions, industry awards and ...

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Evolution: A Look at the History of Proportioners and Heated Hoses for Spray Foam

In the early 1960’s, in response to the emerging opportunities created by the development of polyurethane foam formulations, Fred Gusmer adapted an epoxy machine to demonstrate the feasibility of spraying urethane foam directly onto a substrate. The initial tests were encouraging to the point that Gusmer developed the famed air operated FF Proportioning Unit complemented by the Model D-Gun and ...

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Calculating Yield in Spray Polyurethane Foam Applications

Calculating Spray Foam Yield

A common question among spray foam contractors is “how much yield can I get from my spray foam?” Obtaining good yield from your spray foam can lead to a better bottom line. In many cases, a spray foam contractor will base their purchasing decision on the yield they expect to obtain from a nominal low density, medium density or high ...

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