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An Energy-Efficient Marriage

Photovoltaic Panels and Spray Polyurethane Foam

How spray foam roofing and photovoltaic systems maximize energy savings Talk about a partnership made in energy-efficient heaven: Spray polyurethane foam (SPF) and photovoltaic (PV) systems. As green, sustainable construction maintains a steady, inclining line of progression with LEED designations and net-zero building as the main drivers, the unification of SPF and PV presents a direct solution for promotion of ...

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Prep for Success

Spray Foam Magazine Discusses the Do’s and Don’ts for Prepping a Roof Substrate Prior to a Spray Foam Roofing System Application

Spray Foam Magazine Discusses the Do’s and Don’ts for Prepping a Roof Substrate Prior to a Spray Foam Roofing System Application BY JUAN SAGARBARRIA Sustainability, energy use reduction, prominent R-value to the building, enhanced wind uplift resistance… the benefits of a spray foam roofing systems have been well catalogued over the years to the point where, in many cases, an ...

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Condo Comfort

Two Roofing Companies Combine Forces to Apply Spray Foam to the Roofs of 18 buildings Inside a Condominium Complex By Juan Sagarbarria From a simplicity standpoint, it can be argued that living in a condominium is a more manageable scenario than inhabiting a house, given the maintenance and added expenditures that comes with the latter. Furthermore, one factor that instinctually ...

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Santa Ana Breeze

A spray foam roof installation repaired leaks and eliminated the possibility of wind uplift for the roof of an office building in Southern California

A Spray Foam Roof Installation Repaired Leaks and Eliminated the Possibility of Wind Uplift for the Roof of an Office Building in Southern California By JUAN SAGARBARRIA The Santa Ana winds are famous for their dryness and ferocity, which temperamentally fluctuates throughout the Southern California seasons. The inland, down-sloped Santa Ana winds are certainly a seasonal force in the nearby-Los ...

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Roof With a View

A Dual Spray Foam Roofing System Bolsters and Insulates Home Overlooking the City of El Paso By Juan Sagarbarria It’s quite the setting: a scenic view consisting of the Franklin Mountains, where the sun comes up and illuminates the city of El Paso, Texas, letting its residents know a new day has begun. That’s one of the exulting benefits an ...

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Foam On, Foam Off: A 30-year old, Gravel-topped SPF Roof was Rehabilitated Without a Complete Roof Removal

Once roofs reach a certain age, a decline in their performance and the overall performance of the building is virtually inevitable. Granted, the type of roof system has a significant influence on the longevity and resiliency of the roof. Yet, even if an aging roof was comprised of topof- the-line, cutting-edge materials, it doesn’t mean that maintenance will never be ...

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Angle of Reflection: A Cool-Roof Coating Rehabs Award-Winning Architecture

After it was built in 1969, Sonoma State’s old University Commons, where the cafeteria was located, earned an award for “superlative achievement in total design” from the International Design Award Program due to its use of natural light that illuminated the interior space. The distinctive 14,000 sq.ft. building, now home to Sonoma State’s Wine Institute, and its trademark pyramidal steel-based ...

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Winter Break: A Two-Part SPF Roofing Application Gives A Building New Life

Restoration projects don’t always go as initially planned. Quite often, different challenges arise in which contractors must improvise to get the job done. When it comes to spray foam roofing systems, most installation complications are derived from environmental constraints: heavy rain, volatile temperatures, or high winds that lead to overspray, or volatile temperatures. Similarly, seasonal climate issues led to Weathertight ...

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Investing In SPF: Spray Polyurethane Foam and Polyurea Unite to Provide a Crucial Facelift to Abandoned Commercial Building in South Carolina

Buildings that are abandoned over long periods of time lose the possibility of being restored the longer they remain that way. Roofing systems fail, rust starts to take its toll, moisture begins to deteriorate the structure – these are just some of the ailments a given building may suffer when left unattended. Due to this, prospective owners are forced to ...

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