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Reaching New Heights: PMC’s New Patent-Pending AP-EX Spray System Facilitates The Application of Spray Foam

Polyurethane Machinery Corporation's AP-EX Spray System allows the spray foam applicator to reach new heights.

  One thing that is certain about spray foam projects is that each one is different. Whether it is a small- or large-scale insulation or roofing application, varying building sizes and dimensions present hard-to-reach areas that are almost impossible to access without the use of lifts, ladders, platforms, or scaffolding. These difficult-to- reach areas require contractors to add safety equipment ...

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SPRAY RIG 101: What to Know Before You Buy

What to Know Before You Buy

BY JEN KRAMER Are you new to the spray foam market, looking to buy a new rig, or upgrade your old one? Choosing the right equipment can be daunting – from the configuration of the rig, to the equipment that fills it, how do you determine what fits your business model and your wallet? reached out to some industry ...

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Properly Selecting Spray Foam Equipment

Christian Fabrication Properly Outfitting a Spray Rig

By JUAN SAGARBARRIA Assembling the best possible spray rig constitutes an involved buying process. Even though rigs are available in pre-equipped, turnkey packages, SPF contractors can go one step further when deciding how to outfit their rigs by customizing the rig with specific components that matches their needs. To achieve this, the SPF distributor meticulously walks the contractor through the ...

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Replacement Parts: Aftermarket VS OEM

By Ryan Spencer If you’ve sprayed foam for any length of time, then you’ve also worked on your gun. Or your proportioner. Or any other piece of equipment in your rig. Unfortunately, ongoing maintenance is a necessary reality for any spray foam operation. O-rings need to be replaced, chambers get clogged, and side seals get worn–replacement parts can move in ...

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Triggered: The Industry’s Newest Spray Gun Combines Performance and Value

The spray foam industry is no stranger to growth. As technology evolves and demand increases, companies must adapt to remain competitive. Sometimes this means growing the market territory in which a company is already in, and sometimes it means venturing into new territory. The latter decision can be risky, and even disastrous if not properly executed. Louisiana-headquartered manufacturer and distributor ...

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