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In the Right Hands: PMC’S Demo Rig Is Changing The Way SPF Contractors Test Spray Equipment

The test drive. Though the term is derived from the car buying process, it can be extended to the purchasing of any high-cost, highly complex product– you’ve got to try it out first-hand. That notion hasn’t been fully translated to the spray foam industry, where proportioning machines not only can cost as much as automobiles, but also can exhibit as ...

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Keeping Your Options Open: Spray Foam Systems’ New Line Of Spray Rigs Offers A High Degree Of Versatility

Competition: on one hand, it’s the force that signifies a thriving, healthy, growing industry; on the other hand, it’s the force that adds an element of risk to getting that next job. The spray foam industry is not immune to this fact, and SPF contractors respond to competition with differing strategies. Some companies focus on their core strengths, while others ...

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