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Should We Believe The Hype?

SES Foam: Should Believe the Hype?

BY REID MCCALL, BUILD-MARKETING Much has been mentioned recently about different supplier’s market success and their determination to support their contractors at an industry-leading level. Is there really a differentiation between suppliers and how they stand behind their commitment? Are they truly in the contractor’s corner and helping them win the market battle? We asked some of SES’s current customers ...

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The Metrics of Your Insulation Business

The Measure of Success

BY CHARLES VALENTINE It is often said, “What you do not measure, you do not control.”  As entrepreneurs we have the freedom to set our own targets and metrics.  Unfortunately, that same freedom can often cause us to neglect to review our own performance.  Since we are by definition, in control, our excuses for missing targets is acceptable. We may ...

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Who’s In Your Corner?

Who's In Your Corner? SES Foam

By Reid McCall & Charles Valentine It’s rarely a good idea to go it alone, and success is seldom achieved solely through individual efforts. Spray foam contractors know this all too well, as success in this industry is influenced by factors before and after the job, as much as during. Make no mistake, SPF applications are battles: against time, against ...

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Adhering to Chemical Processing Guidelines

SES Discusses the Importance of Adhering to Processing Guidelines

By Ryan Spencer Chemical processing parameters are essential for the proper application of spray polyurethane foam, ensuring that installation performance is maximized and the end product is installed as specified. When it comes to disseminating guidelines for the chemical processing of their products, manufacturers use a few different avenues: affixing processing parameters on chemical drums, providing technical data sheets that ...

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3 Signs You Chose The Right Supplier

The Key to Global Energy Reduction

All spray foam manufacturers claim high R-values and promise optimal energy efficiency, which comes as a result of all leading spray foam insulations being superior to other available solutions like fiberglass and cellulose. To consumers, architects, and builders, the leading brands of spray foam may appear to offer the same intended result of insulating and air sealing a home or ...

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Inside and Out: Know Your Business

SES Foam talks about knowing your spray foam business.

By RYAN SPENCER Details: the snarled mess of intricacies from which understanding emerges. When it comes to evaluating an operation, digging into the details can reveal obscure trends, offer insights about performance, and answer questions about productivity. Indeed, if management isn’t evaluating projects on a consistent basis, margins will begin to decrease. So when analyzing your business, how do you ...

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Bidding Better

By Ryan Spencer On the mind of most every contractor is one ever-present issue–the next job. It’s a familiar dance: the perpetual search, the due diligence, and the bid. Every aspect of landing a job requires substantial effort on the part of the business owner and sales team in following leads and properly assessing prospective jobs. Bidding, however, is a ...

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Improving the Business of Your Business

SES Foam Improving the Business of Your Spray Foam Business

By RYAN SPENCER So you’re landing jobs on a regular basis and revenue is flowing in, but what about profit? Is it where you’d like it to be? Sure, it’s sensible to improve operational aspects of your business, but what about improving the business of your business? It can be difficult to take a step back in the midst of ...

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Best of Both Worlds: SucraSeal Open-cell Foam Saves Time and Resources

The spray polyurethane foam market is saturated with myriad types of foams, often being only slightly different from one another. SES Foam poses the question: are these foams truly differentiated in any significant ways? In a de facto answer, the company has positioned itself as an inustrystandout with the introduction of SucraSeal, a sucrose-based (sugar-based) open-cell foam insulation. While there ...

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