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Straight Flush: The Low-Down on Heated Hose Maintenance

Heated Hose Maintenance Flushing

The quality of a spray foam application will always be dependent on properly functioning SPF equipment, regardless of how many years experience an applicator might have. And yes, equipment maintenance is as necessary as it is time-consuming. Heated hoses are critical to the consistent flow of material, which translates to a uniform spray and ultimately, better foam. However, the material ...

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Gun-Points: Spray Gun Disassembly and Cleaning Tips

Spray Gun Cleaning

The success of any given spray foam application–indeed, the success of the industry itself–is dependent on what happens inside a spray gun when the trigger is pulled. With that kind of significance, it’s crucial to perform spray gun maintenance on an ongoing basis in order to ensure proper functioning. Of course, the frequency with which an applicator does this depends ...

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Through the Fire: An Overview of the Rigorous Testing Procedures for Fire-Retardant Coatings

Fire Retardent Coatings

When it comes to fire testing, the benchmark for a thermal barrier, as it pertains to spray foam insulation, is half-inch gypsum wallboard. In fact, gypsum board, or drywall, is the prescriptive thermal barrier defined by the International Building Code (IBC) and International Residential Code (IRC). Materials not defined in the IBC or IRC can meet non-prescriptive thermal barrier standards ...

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Trust but Verify: A Briefing on Spray Foam Insulation and Roofing Inspection Criteria

Roofing Inspection

Spray polyurethane foam insulation and roofing systems are on the cutting edge of modern construction, and with that distinction comes the fact that proper installation requires extensive skill and experience on behalf of an SPF installer. In the case that a spray foam application isn’t properly installed, any sealing and insulating benefits the application might have otherwise conferred on a ...

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Kits and Kaboodle: The Ins and Outs of Low-Pressure Spray Foam Applications

Low Pressure Applications

By and large, high-pressure SPF applications garner much of the attention in the spray foam industry. However, low-pressure applications have become an increasingly significant part of the market, effectively carving out niches in which high-pressure applications are infeasible. Leading the charge for low-pressure systems are aerosol cans and disposable kits, but in recent years, new innovations have made low-pressure applications ...

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Tough Enough: Tuff-Gard’s Unique Two-Component Rubber Membrane is Making Headway in the Roof Coatings Market

Northern climates can be a nightmare for roof coatings, and the higher the latitude, the worse it gets. For Canada, the transition from mild summer to sharp, biting winter can take a toll on most roof coating materials. Drastic temperature drops can cause coatings to contract and crack, thus nullifying the sealing and waterproofing benefits they would otherwise provide. “The ...

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Blending Inn: An SPF Application at a Rustic Bed & Breakfast Blurs the Line Between Spray Foam Insulation and Roofing

If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck…well, you’ve heard the phrase before. But what exactly do you have when a spray foam project looks like a roofing application, but will end up functioning as attic insulation? Can a project be categorized by the way it’s installed, or by how it’s intended to function? Or can a ...

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From the Ground Up: Closed-cell Spray Foam Plays a Role in Restoring the New Jersey Coast

We’ve been well versed in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, but more importantly, we’ve also been made aware of the recovery efforts as those affected work to rebuild. Much like any disaster of Sandy’s magnitude, rebuilding isn’t something accomplished individually, but rather as a concerted effort between those affected, charitable organizations, cleanup crews, remediation specialists, restoration contractors, and so on. ...

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Mountain Pass: A Nimble Spray Rig Handles the Tough Landscape of Tennessee’s Smoky Mountains

With its breathtaking nature views and nearby family attractions like Dollywood and Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum, it’s no wonder that the Great Smoky Mountains are the centerpiece of the most-visited national park in the nation. Nestled in the heart of the Smokies near Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, Hearthside Cabin Rentals takes advantage of the spectacular landscape by maintaining over 100 rustic getaway ...

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Big Things, Small Packages: SprayKraft Delivers a Versatile Plural-component Spray Pump That Sprays Everything From Foam to Metallic Coatings

Falling temperatures, falling ice – not a good combination. “The towers were collecting ice during the winter time,” said Jeff Himmelwright. “That ice would come down from the tower, hit the foundation and sheer the concrete off.” The situation was problematic, as damaged foundations would lead to damaged communication towers. The solution was the application of a two-component coating to ...

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