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grow your business with reviews and ratings
The more you know, the more you grow

The More You Know, The More You Grow

Reviews are a valuable factor to grow and shape the outlook of a business. Here are tips to stay on top of your game.


It is no secret that reviews are important for your business. When looking into a new product, contractor, restaurant, or movie, I am sure you first looked at the reviews to determine if it would be worth your time. Reviews are not only a growing impact on your company, but they can boost your SEO as well. The more that people talk about your business online and mention your name, the more presence and visibility you will have on the internet, which is a major component that search engines value and incorporate into their algorithms. Based on your numbers, that will, in turn, determine your search relevance,
and every good business owner can agree that numbers don’t lie.

We now live in the digital age where everyone is checking their smart phones, tablets, or laptops if not every hour, then at least once a day to keep in touch with what is going on in the world. These days, creating only a website for your business is not going to cut it. You need to have an account on highly ranked and visited review and social platforms in order to gain a digital presence, customers, and our main goal – reviews!

Determining your target market is half the battle, and there are companies like Niche Digital Media that can lend a hand. Case in point: Download the free eBook, “The Ultimate Guide to Online Reviews,” to determine which ones are right for you.

Once you have created your profile(s), it is importantto develop a strategy of how to engage customers and createa relationship with them to make in order to  them want to write reviews.

Here are a few concepts to implement in your strategy:

Encourage Customers

Although it may be obvious, the easiest way to gain reviews is to ask customers to submit them. Ask them if they were happy enough with the service to leave a good review and make the process as easy as possible for them to do so on your review sites and social media profiles. Take a step further, and find a way to collect the customer’s email or phone number, whether it be in person or online, to start to build up a database. That way, after enough time has passed since they purchased your item or needed your business, you can ask for feedback. Use email, SMS, or an automated system such as NDM-BE to ask users to submit their reviews on the specific item or job that was completed with a link to your profile or site for them to post on. People do want to be heard! Niche Digital Media offers BirdEye, an automated system that integrates with your existing CRM to access your existing customers in order to gain new reviews.

Use Incentives

People tend to be more responsive when they have something in it for them, right? You must give to get. Come up with small incentives to entice customers into writing reviews, such as giving discounts, free shipping, or free gifts with purchase. Be careful of what you offer in exchange for reviews, the idea is to grow your business, not give it away.


Educate Customers on How to Leave a Review

It’s easy to overlook the fact that if you are not telling customers where and how to leave a review, they probably will not go out of their way to do so. Ask yourself, is it easy for your website or social media users to write a review on all platforms? Can people find reviews on your website or profile effortlessly? If the answer is yes, then you are doing well my friend. But, there is still another step you can take. Write up a mini guide of how to write a review or offer a scale to which they can rate how many stars or categorize their experience off of, and post it to where users can blatantly see it. Sometimes you have to give a little nudge.

Respond to Reviews

More than likely a business will not receive only positive feedback, which is OK. When you do receive positive reviews, make sure to thank the customer. When you receive negative reviews, respond in a helpful manner, in public, and solve the problem. If you are unsure of how to respond and manage reviews, learn useful tactics by downloading Niche Digital Media’s online review guide (mentioned below). Through providing proper responses, users see that the business owners are listening and engaged. A business’ transparency demonstrates why consumers should have confidence in their purchase because they see that a potential problem will be solved. Users will be more likely to leave reviews, good or bad, if they see that their opinions will be accepted and dealt with.

Practicing these models can make a difference in the way your company is viewed as a whole, as well as boost your business’ online presence with each review you receive. Don’t be afraid to stick your neck out there and ask for feedback. With the help of customers’ opinions, you will be able to figure out what works and what doesn’t work for your business each step of the way.

Don’t have the time to implement these strategies? Niche Digital Media provides a team of experts who can do it for you, and take charge of your online reputation to help grow your business’s digital presence and SEO. Give Niche Digital Media a call today at (561) 768-9793. •

Here are some of the top review and social media sites to create a profile on:

·      Google My Business

·      Facebook

·      Twitter

·      Instagram

·      Yelp

·      Yellowpages

·      BBB (Better Business Bureau)

·      Manta

Get more reviews and improve your reputation, fast. In today’s world of connected customers, your online reputation determines whether customers choose you over a competitor. Reviews have a greater impact on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), customer loyalty, and revenue than ever before. Learn how to effectively grow your business with online reviews.

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