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You Might be Interested in Learning About Content Marketing’s Latest Trend

The Road to Discovery: You Might be Interested in Learning About Content Marketing’s Latest Trend

At this point, it probably isn’t necessary to convince anyone that content rules digital marketing, and chances are your company is already producing it, or has hired a content expert to create it on your company’s behalf. Furthermore, your company already may have cultivated an audience, thereby establishing it as an expert resource within its domain, be that roofing applications, spray equipment, etc. In any case, whatever reach your company has gained can always be improved, so the question stands: how does your content (and company) reach a larger audience?

If your company or its content partner is worth its salt when it comes to production, then your content has been crafted to be rich in relevant keywords, which make it easier for people to find when searching on Google, Bing, or Yahoo. But what about people who aren’t searching for your subject matter–people who haven’t yet realized that they want to engage with your company’s content? That’s why a paradigm shift is necessary for building a larger audience. Basically, you need to make sure your company’s content can be discovered on web properties beyond its own site or blog, and doing so means leveraging services that distribute content throughout the web.


Currently, one of the latest trends in content marketing is utilizing content discovery platforms. Generally speaking, these platforms take content that you link to or upload and distribute it across the web. Specifically, your company’s content, or links to it, will end up being displayed on highly trafficked websites like or Yahoo (the manner in which this is done is proprietary to each platform). Moreover, you most likely have seen this in action if you’ve ever been reading an article on a given website and seen an array of links under a heading like, “You might be interested in…” And that’s essentially how it works: use websites with large audiences to present them with options for continued reading and engagement. However, these audiences can be double-edged swords, as what they may offer in volume, they may lack in suitability. In other words, these huge audiences aren’t necessarily targeted, or at least sufficiently so, to your company’s domain, particularly if it’s a niche. That doesn’t mean content discovery platforms aren’t useful, but rather the one-size-fits all approach isn’t for everyone. If your company’s content is for a niche audience, you still have options.


If your company’s content is for a niche audience, perhaps a platform isn’t the best content discovery tool for you. Instead, companies can rely on targeted content discovery services to meet their needs. These services function in much the same way as the content discovery platforms, but the websites in which the content is distributed aren’t geared toward mass-audiences. Rather, targeted content discovery services are integrated into websites like that attract niche audiences. So, this presents companies with the opportunity to distribute content of their own creation, or content that is crafted on their behalf, to audiences that they know are more likely to be intrigued, attracted, and engaged by their subject matter. Of course, you won’t get the warm, fuzzy feeling of your company’s content being featured before countless sets of eyes on a big-name website, but you’ll most likely be rest assured that your marketing dollars are being utilized more effectively with a targeted service.

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