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The True Cost of Spray Foam Roofing

By Juan Sagarbarria

For those well versed in the world of roofing and protective coatings, spray polyurethane foam (SPF) is an industry staple. SPF’s cutting-edge properties have long been considered the ideal qualities that contribute to a high-performance roofing system. By the same token, building owners have found themselves spending more upfront money for an SPF roof than with other materials that are utilized during roof installations or restorations. So, building owners can’t help but ask themselves: is the higher investment worth it? Are the results and overall performance truly superior enough to justify the investment? Answers can be found by evaluating the return on investment (ROI).


The initial expense of a spray foam roof is sometimes a bit higher than other systems, but so is the return on investment. Polyurethane foam system houses such as Premium Spray Products (PSP) understand that what you spend today, you will see quickly reimbursed later. According to PSP’s Roofing Sector Business Manager Bruce Schenke, the most important ROI factor of a spray foam roof system is insulation.

“A spray foam roofing system is the only type that provides good, continuous insulation, averaging an R-6.5 per inch,” said Schenke. “This insulation provides up to 15 percent more energy efficiency than any other type of roofing insulation.”

Schenke pointed out that the energy-efficient factor is huge when considering a constantly occupied commercial building because it provides indoor comfort, as well as energy savings that pay for the roof installation over time.

While other systems such as TPO and board insulation may be more economical upfront, the value in energy savings and reduction in operating costs that an SPF roof provides is second to none.


In addition to the insulation value, a spray foam roofing system also provides two important features that come hand-in-hand: durability and sustainability. A spray foam roofing system not only lasts for many years without needing reapplication of materials, it’s also a weatherproof system that performs ideally during that time span. Furthermore, when the roof requires maintenance, a spray foam roofing system repair will require minimal work that completely bypasses the need of a tear-off, which it is commonly seen during the rehabbing of other roofing systems.

Some roofing companies may market other roofing membrane systems in order to get the cheaper and safer sale, but what often goes overlooked is the manual labor expense: tearing off the existing roofing system. With these roof system installations the process of reroofing will be a constant occurrence over the service life of the roof and will thus prove to be the more expensive option in the long run.

“A spray foam roof can last for over 30 years without needing repairs,” said Schenke. “The seamless, waterproof nature of the closed-cell foam and the coating protecting it allows for less damage over time, promoting longevity. Now, when the time comes to repair the roof, no tear-off is required. Usually a simple reapplication of coating allows for the system to be completely renewed easily. It is a tremendous advantage and creates a cycle than ensures that the roof system lasts forever.”


It’s clear that spray foam roofing systems offer many unique benefits, but the truth is that even though SPF’s track record speaks for itself, it’s difficult to fully put the worry demons to bed, especially for those building owners that previously experienced a leaking or damaged roofing system. The skeptical or unconvinced building owner might want more of a guarantee before opting in.

To provide peace of mind to their customers and ensure the quality of their SPF roofing systems, companies like PSP back the roofing materials and system used in virtually every spray foam roof application with an extended warranty.

“We are constantly asked ‘What assurance can you give me that the polyurethane foam roofing system will give my roof longevity?’” said Schenke. “Well, we have warranties for materials and we honor those warranties. So, it’s a win-win situation: we provide you with a roof that doesn’t leak and cover the damages that you more than likely won’t have. Just another reason why spray foam is so well received.”


Direct any questions about spray foam roofing to PSP:

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