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Two Environmentally Friendly Practices Combine

Anybody that’s been to the frozen-food aisle of the supermarket knows about Amy’s Kitchen. It’s that brand offering a variety of frozen fare that looks and sounds instantly more delectable than its generic counterparts: Indian Spinach Tofu Wrap. Roasted Vegetable Pesto Pizza. Mexican Tamate Pie. What’s more, every food item is 100% organic and natural, and they’ve built a very successful brand on it: Amy’s Kitchen produces more than 5 million meals per month.

The Amy’s Kitchen brand is based not only on the nutritional value of the food, but also on how the food is prepared and packaged. That’s why the food industry giant chose to retrofit the ceiling of its main production facility with spray foam. In a massive undertaking, California-based Wedge Roofing Inc. gave the ceiling and roof structure of the building an updated insulation system in a move that made the quality of the facility match that of the food being prepared within it.

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