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Suburban Manufacturing Inc.’s new Spray Foam Hose Wrap Sleeve System effectively maintains ideal chemical temperatures between the proportioner to the spray gun in spite of harsh Canadian climates

Wrap Around

Suburban Manufacturing Inc.’s new Spray Foam Hose Wrap Sleeve System effectively maintains ideal chemical temperatures between the proportioner to the spray gun in spite of harsh Canadian climates.

By Juan Sagarbarria

Warmth: a key factor in every spray foam application. Maintaining the proper temperature of the A and B chemicals as they are proportioned by the spray machine and pumped out via a hose to the spray gun is standard for high-quality SPF installations. In most Canadian regions, cold temperatures are prevalent from September through March, and spray foam contractors often find themselves unable to provide high-quality applications during those harsh conditions. Cold exterior temperatures can easily compromise the temperature of the material as it travels along the hose from the trailer to the spray gun, which can result in compromised installation quality. To assist spray foam contractors in mitigating this potential problem, Suburban Manufacturing Inc. (SMI) recently launched the Spray Foam Hose Wrap Sleeve System.

“Frozen ground is something that spray foam contractors in the Canada region constantly deal with,” said SMI’s Chief Executive Officer Peter Thompson. “Our goal with the SPF Hose Sleeve was to assist the spray foam industry, starting with Canada, to be able to reduce downtime and improve operation conditions during the harsh winter months. The idea is to eliminate stagnation on the job by adding protection to evident heat loss and add life to the performance of the foam, so that spray contractors can apply a quality product while working at any time of the year. ”

spray foam heated hoses

A spray foam applicator uses SMI’s SPF Hose Sleeve around his hose during a project. In a hook-and-loop fashion, the SPF Hose Sleeve easily wraps up around the hose, protecting it from abrasion and maintaining optimal temperatures as the chemicals pass through.

The SPF Hose Sleeve’s origin goes back 15 years, when SMI’s Protective Coverings division developed the “Suburban Sidewinder Sleeve,” which protected hydraulic hoses from abrasion damage. Over the years, the product evolved in response to the SPF industry’s demand for a lightweight and more efficient product than mesh or duct tape to protect hoses from heat loss. SMI then collaborated with Keith Bowie, VP of Ecologic Spray Foam & Chairman of the Board of the Canadian Urethane Foam Contractors Association (CUFCA) to create a solution that meets the needs of contractors in the field who struggle with hose bundle management and maintaining consistent optimal temperature levels with the house bundle, specifically in colder regions.

The SPF Hose Sleeve consists of a 1,000-denier Cordura industrial fabric coupled with a five-mil urethane coating on the outside and a radiant insulated liner on the inside. The Sleeve wraps around the hose in a hook-and-loop fashion, which securely and effectively fastens the fabric around the hose and protects it from air and moisture infiltration, as well as heat loss.

“The SPF Hose Sleeve enables the material that resides in the contractor’s rig to evenly flow throughout the entire length of hose into the spray gun while retaining the same heat temperature,” said Thompson.

The SPF Hose Sleeve is available in 50-foot lengths, which include three-foot joining sleeve sections that are slightly larger in diameter to accommodate the change in size at the coupler joints. Thompson added that the three most important variables that went into the development of the SPF Hose Sleeve were heat containment, abrasion protection, and ease of assembly.

Thermal images show that the area of the hose protected by the SPF Hose Sleeve maintained a consistent temperature.

Thermal images show that the area of the hose protected by the SPF Hose Sleeve maintained a consistent temperature.


Picture this: an SPF crewmember constantly having to go back to the truck and adjust the heater settings to sustain the optimal chemical temperature in an effort to combat the cold environment that is lowering the temperature of the material as it makes its way to the spray gun. This leads to added energy consumption and significant downtime derived from temperature adjustments. The SPF Hose Sleeve’s insulated liner provides the hose with sufficient insulation so that the material can be applied properly in the face of falling ambient temperatures.

“The hose gets dragged across tough, frozen environments like dirt or concrete to get to the roof or the inside of a building for insulation,” said Thompson. “This is where temperature can be degraded, which results in rapid temperature drops and a quick impact on the amount of material that is going to be required to spray. If temperature is lost between the chemicals’ trip from the proportioner to the gun, there might be a 10 to 15 percent increase in the cost of extra material that was required to spray. Our product eliminates this problem, and provides efficiency and optimization in each spray foam job.”


The SPF Hose Sleeve also effectively protects hoses from abrasion. This is a crucial component given that hoses can damage over time as they are exposed to rough job site conditions. Furthermore, some hoses contain heating elements such as built-in sensors that can get torn or caught as the hose gets dragged around the job site. If the latter case occurs, then the crew is subjected to running a diagnostic test in the field to determine which sensor or coupling connection is broken, which can take anywhere from an hour to a half a day’s work.

“Wrapping the hose with our SPF Hose Sleeve solely for protection goes a long way,” said Thompson. “It can save contractors a massive amount of downtime in the field.”


The installation process can be done quickly with the SPF Hose Sleeve’s hook-and-loop design, which emulates Velcro. The process simply entails laying out the hose inside the SPF Hose Sleeve and closing the hook-and-loop along the length of hose. At every coupler joint, the included three-foot joining section is installed to match the coupler’s diameter.

“The SPF Hose Sleeve is easy to assemble and maintains an airtight seal once the hook-and-loop is put together,” said Thompson. “It provides a non-porous seal that keeps moisture, air, and cold out.”

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